Fire and Rescue

Liam Yeates - VP Finance
Posted on: July 18, 2018

Look at them go! Into the final lap.

And here comes number seven…

Dusty Crophopp?!

And Dusty wins the gold!

Go, Duster!

Dusty, you were just

a small-town crop duster

who overcame impossible odds

to win the Wings Around

the Globe Rally.

And now, you’re an air racing legend.

Well, Brent’ I’ve had an amazing team

supporting me every step of the way.

The best coach, the best mechanic…

and the best fuel truck

that anyone could ask for.

Hey, wait a minute.

You’re a gas consultant.

That’s correct. I’ve got gas.

Awesome pic, Dust,

except your eyes are closed.

Racing with your eyes closed,

huh? So, that’s your secret.

Yeah, you figured it out, Chug.

That was

some pretty fancy flying, Dusty.

Saw it all on my radio with pictures.

You mean your TV.

No, no. That’s clearing up.

My bumper was nearly

corroded right through.

– All right.

– Disgusting looking.

Yeah, it was all rusty and blistered.

I got it. Anyway, what else is going on?

Dottie gave me some of that Rust-eze

Medicated Bumper Ointment.

– Hows it look now’?

– Looks great. Fine.

– Take a closer look.

– That’s close enough.

What was that?

Didn’t need to see that.

HEY, hey, guys, guys. Listen to this.

“After his Red Bulldozer win,

Dusty Crophopper…”

– That’s you.

-“…returns to Propwash Junction…”

– That’s here.

-“…where he will be performing

“at their annual Corn Festival.”

They mentioned the Corn Festival?

It’s national news!

Seriously? That’s great.

Yeah. The phone’s been

ringing off the hook here at the motel.

Gonna have to get out

the inflatable hangars.

Yeah, everybody

wants to see you, Dusty.

It’s gonna be the biggest Corn Fest yet.


– Ready to do some flying?

Absolutely, Skipper.

– Don’t stay out too late.

– Later, Dust.

Remember to open your eyes.

Hey, Propwash Tower,

this is Crophopper Seven.

Flight of two, ready for takeoff

Crophopper Seven, Propwash Tower.

Wind’s calm. Runway

two-seven clear for takeoff


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