How Ten Letters Have Changed Nothing: What’s in a Name REMIX!

Liam Yeates - VP Finance
Posted on: May 18, 2018

Hiya everybody. I’m Liam your new and non-Operationed VP Finance. The ten letter difference has changed so much. The portfolio has changed drastically. This new title shows how VP Finance is focused solely on the money. To horribly misquote Jessie J “It’s all about the money”. As VP Finance I definitely do not work with Ridgidware or Novelties. I also do not suggest checking those out for all of your electronic and swag needs. I also definitely do not run POETS. [The VP Finance would like to apologize for the Projector issues. We are working on it and trying to figure out the issue]. There is also no POETS coordinator and new couches so, yeah it’s a wild and crazy world here under the VP Finance title, no more archaic Operations. Since I am driven to do some mad money stuff up in this business, I will be focusing on getting the student deals back up to snuff.  At this point I really hope you realize that I am writing the opposite of Katie’s first VPOF article. Cause we both had the title change… get it… well fine, I thought it was funny. Really I’m just trying to hit this word count right now so I’ll cut to it then. The budget has been approved and there’s a few things I still like to pump. Arts Directorship has some awesome stuff coming and it will be great so look at the Calendar to find out when you can make your own neon sign. Also Canada day is coming up so all volunteers should sign up. it’s going to be a fun day and volunteering makes it even better. And I’m pretty sure that’s word count. See you all next time!

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