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Katie Arnold - President
Posted on: May 18, 2018

Welcome back to another wonderful Spring term on the University of Waterloo campus! Everything is going just as it should; students dodge geese and goslings on their way to classes, some buildings are frozen with A/C and others sweltering, and of course, work term reports have all been submitted (one would hope).

I am absolutely delighted to be back on term with my wonderful team! Ashley, our amazing  VP Student Life, is absolutely rocking it with a well maintained calendar and some fantastic events coming! Liam’s budget is fabulous, but admittedly, not as fabulous as his suit.  Grant is communicating effectively, (and also pulled off a fantastic Canadian civil engineering competition earlier this month), while also working way too hard. Ben already dove straight in on his objectives for this term, and while he always has time to scold me for my caffeine intake, continues to be one of the best advocates for students on many committees and panels across campus.  Michael, of course, lingers in the shadows, haunting our days.

There are several things that have already taken off this term. In response to overwhelming opinion that the feedback system employed for engineering society executive needed a remodel, I have developed a new plan that will be trialled throughout this term. With our newly elected Chief Feedback Officer, Julia Rienstien, I hope to overhaul the system and make something that delivers good, constructive feedback and development to our executive team.

I’m excited to work with my team on a couple different initiatives throughout this term. With Liam, I am working on developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the SSDC and Ideas Clinic for RidgidWare, as it moves from its humble origins in the CPH Foyer to the new store site in the E7 atrium. With Ben, I am working on creating Mental Health Focus Group with the purpose of looking at the Engineering Society’s actions and initiatives regarding mental health on campus.

Finally, I am to have developed an affiliate structure for the UWaterloo EngiQueers, with the ending goal to allow them to operate autonomously with financial support from Engineering Society. I just really love policy.

I am thrilled by the opportunities given to me this term to make an impact on Waterloo Engineering. I am honoured by the team of amazing exec and officers who I get to work with everyday, and I’m delighted to be here as your President. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

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