So Long and Thanks for All the $$$-ee-doos

Michael Beauchemin - VP Finance
Posted on: March 9, 2018

I learned at sponsorship presentations on Saturday, March 3, that Engineers Without Borders chapter at UWaterloo releases podcasts (available at Go ahead and give them a listen, you might hear some familiar voices! EWB is also holding Passion Pitches (kind of like TED Talks) soon, so check out their Facebook page!

CESS is holding their termly coffeehouse on March 23 (the last Friday of term!). As a chemical engineering student, it’s my responsibility to inform you all about this. The coffeehouse is usually very fun, and you sometimes get to see profs perform their little ditties (Beltaos!).

Coveralls will be arriving either the end of this week or the beginning of next week. When they come in, anyone who bought them will be receiving an email telling you to come pick them up in the EngSoc office in CPH 1327! Once the coveralls arrive, what better way to celebrate than with a Fire Sale? Novelties will be holding a fire sale, date TBD, to celebrate the arrival of the coveralls. Most patches WON’T be on sale, because they’re mostly new, but what can you do? You can buy other things! Sweatpants will go on sale for the first time in FOREVER!

Do you all remember my last article, where I talked at length about ECIF proposals? Well, they’re still due March 18, so if you have an idea for a capital improvement to engineering, the Society, or any Society service, please fill out a form on our website. If you have questions, it’s better to talk to me than to get roasted by the Board of Directors like Sabrina last Spring.

RidgidWare has a Fire Sale coming this Friday (March 16) as well! If you have any questions about what might be on sale or how you can get in on the action, please message the RidgidWare Facebook page! We just got a new shipment from ECE stores, and Sarah Madigan says a lot of people in her ECE 2020 class might be interested, so don’t let them take all the good stuff!

Please clap… Actually, please follow us on our various Facebook pages: RidgidWare, Novelties, P**5, and POETS. Pending when I get the credentials, you should also follow us on Twitter @uwPOETS (some cool old stuff is there right now anyway).

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