RidgidWare and POETS Updates with some E7 Spice

Michael Beauchemin - VP Operations
Posted on: February 3, 2018

Hello all! Coming into the second month of term now, I’d like to extend congratulations to all of our freshly-ringed fourth years. It’s an exciting time, and hopefully y’all aren’t regretting the weekend too much. I’ve been to a lot of meetings recently, so I’m going to bring you all up to speed on the goings-on there, and I’ll also get into the POETS excitement.

First, let’s get you up to speed on POETS! Our first licensed event in POETS was a huge success, and the return of Warrior Lager was welcomed by many a fourth year. There’s a photo of the bottle on the POETS facebook page, and don’t forget that it will be featured at all of our licensed events, and you are allowed to keep one bottle (empty)! Our next Fourth Year Friday will be licensed and is this Friday, February 9! After that, there’s Feb 16, and March 2 and 9, so if you missed the first one, there’s no need to cry; we’re here all term!

I have a meeting planned with Bar Services this week where I will be discussing the high prices in POETS – I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d like to see the prices a bit lower. Bomber gets lower prices for the same items, so I see no reason why the Engineering Society can’t swing the same. Also on the agenda is our relationship with Bar Services. In the past it was a bit strained, but recently we’ve been models of good behaviour, so we just want to make sure Bar Services appreciates that we are responsible adults and can be trusted.

I also had a meeting with Abdullah and some folks from the faculty about RidgidWare and moving into E7, with all of the difficulties that entails. We’ll have a much bigger space for RidgidWare, of course, so we’ll have to fill it! We’re working out an agreement with the Ideas Clinic and the SDC/Machine Shop to see if we can come to a compromise and make sure students have access to the latest and greatest all the time. This could include tool sign-outs, interesting new items, and access to massive amounts of stock. There’s some boring back-end stuff that I may talk about at this week’s council meeting (catered by Baba Grill), but it’s not all that important to most o’ y’all.

Finally, kind of on the same topic as above, I had a meeting with Karen DuBois about storage and furniture solutions for RW and the CnD. Karen is being an amazing resource for us so I wanted to give her a major shoutout for being awesome! Basically, RidgidWare is going to operate on a service desk model—if you’re buying you’ll bring a list of items you want, and it will all be gathered and brought to you. That way we can save you time browsing the shelves, and we’ll be able to tell you right away if something is unavailable. Hopefully this will help us maximize our throughput, and keep you from waiting too long. With the space we’re being given, there’s also some potential to have small hands-on workshops with our Ridgid Techs, but this will be worked out later. There’s also going to be a variety of seating options near the C&D, like we have in CPH but much, much more space, so it’s exciting! I will hopefully be able to bring you some sneaky photos of the inside of E7 by the end of term, but we are all going to be moved in for sure in the Fall term! Something to look forward to, all you third years who were promised E7 aeons ago (sorry fourth years).

That’s all from me for now. I’m looking forward to hearing the results of the election and training my successor (I wonder who it will be!). And this Friday you’ll hopefully find me kicking back in POETS with a Warrior Lager in hand (I haven’t had a chance yet, unfortunately). Until next issue: keep it cool, folks!

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