Michael Beauchemin - VP Finance
Posted on: January 20, 2018

Hey everyone! Now that I’m beginning to settle into the term, it’s time to let you all know about what I’ve been doing and what I hope to do. I spent the first week of the term at CFES Congress in Halifax, and I learned a lot of stuff that I hope to bring back to everyone.

From a strictly VP Finance portion, I have finished the budget and Council has approved it! Also, there are sushi and new sandwiches in the C&D!

For my personal/Finance goals, now: I want to bring cheers to fourth years this term, so a lot of my goals focus on POETS and bar services. Fourth Year Fridays are kind of a final hurrah for the oldest among us, an echo of the First Year Fridays of yester-year. Fourth Year Fridays will include licensing, because Fourth Years like to have Spirit(s). Licensing POETS has been approved by the Dean, so the first Fourth Year Fridays will have Bar Services starting the 26th. For the weeks we can’t do it, the First Years will have an opportunity for First Year Fridays. As a second part to the final hurrah for fourth years, I have just secured the return of Warrior Lager for every licensed event in POETS. For those who don’t know about Warrior Lager, it’s an easy drinking beer that just so happens to be the BEER OF CHOICE FOR MOTHER****ING POETS. The label, exquisitely crafted, harkens back to the doors of the Lounge itself, and… I have convinced Bar Services to allow people to keep a commemorative bottle, with its label, as an eternal memory of the suffering we all endure together, for which we find solace in POETS.

In the next couple days, I will be releasing a survey to help focus my aims for Novelties, RidgidWare, POETS, Student Deals, and anything else that might fall under me.

As well, I will be supporting the Student Design Teams a lot more. Sponsorship is due the 25th of February at 11:59pm, and proposals can be submitted online to The Sponsorship committee will be meeting on March 3, and committee selection will be happening at the council meeting on February 7.

Events are happening more in POETS!! This Friday is the UNProfessional Photoshoot, where you can come to POETS from 4-6 and take photos (not for Linkedin) in all the poses you couldn’t use in the E5 bridge, and you can hold up your Warrior Lager bottle. It’s a chance, especially for 4th years, to cut loose a little bit, and not worry about the stuck-up-ness of a professional photoshoot. POETS is also running Poker and Euchre tournaments, Board Games, and Genius Bowl!

Last week, I had a promising meeting about RidgidWare moving into E7, and I hope to be able to share more details in the coming weeks. Big news though, so if you see me around POETS, ask me what’s up.

Finally, I would like to take this chance to thank everyone running for executive positions. It takes an incredible amount of effort, passion, and drive, and everyone running should be proud. I am particularly happy that someone is running for VP Finance. Please everyone take the time to read through platforms and follow your minds, not hearts, when you vote. EngSoc is growing a lot right now and it deserves the best candidates.

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