THE END IS NEAR The final article

Rachel Malevich - President
Posted on: November 24, 2017

Hello friendos, last issue I talked about some of the things that I failed at as President. This time we’ll lighten things up a bit with some of the things that I’m proud of! Sixteen months ago I was being transitioned into not only a new role, but a whole new world. It’s not a secret that I wasn’t heavily involved in the Society before I ran for President. Knowing this, I came into this position with something to prove. Not only did I want to fulfill as many of my initiatives as possible, but I wanted to leave my role as President having changed the Society for the better.

I’m really proud of our partnership with MATES. In August of 2016, I started meeting with the coordinators of MATES and the professionals overseeing the program about my proposal for a Faculty partnership. Many of the resources available to undergraduate students through FEDS don’t seem to reach engineering unfortunately, at the time, MATES was part of this group. After several meetings, and hiring two phenomenal directors (Sarah Martin and Hannah Gautreau), MATES in Engineering was on its way to becoming a valuable resource housed in Engineering buildings. It’s been exciting seeing this initiative transfer to A-Society, and I’m grateful that so many people are supportive of the program and its growth among engineering undergraduates and the Faculty.

Long term planning in a Society that transitions so frequently is difficult. For this reason, I’m glad that a Long Term Strategic Plan passed this term. I hope that the document can provide guidance even when the current executives have graduated. Additionally, I’m satisfied that a new website design has been created. I hope to see this initiative completed on time, I’m confident that A-Society will be able to see the initiative through.

Finally, I’m proud that B-Society has been able to partner with A-Society on so many different initiatives. It has been a great experience seeing the two societies united with common goals after many years of the opposite being true. In the future, I hope that the relationship can stay positive and productive.

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