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Chelsea VanderMeer - VPSL
Posted on: January 14, 2017

Man, I’ve always wanted to write an article for the Iron Warrior. Nice. *high fives*

People call me Chelsea VanderMeer, and I am a student, and I am alive*, which makes me more or less qualified to be your VP Student Life. That means that I picked a whole bunch of days for events last term in a calendar, and have been helping to plan fun events for YOU (yes, you) throughout the term! I have a lovely, very attractive group of directors who smell nice and will be running the events.

Events and socializing are what have made my experience in engineering go from scary, boring, and lonely… (bleh) to FUN, and exciting! Who knew that there are actually a whole bunch of engineers, and we’re all very weird and interesting?  Also, it’s been scientifically proven that going to events and spicing up your hard engineering life with socials will actually make you more motivated to work on assignments and do better in school!**

Life is good this term because we have events and workshops every week, and they’re pretty diverse. Every Tuesday we’ll have De-Stress Events starting at 4:30pm in POETS which includes open discussion, sometimes arts & crafts, and chillin; following that will be open board games from 5:30pm-7:30pm! Bring your friends, bring your acquaintances, bring that random guy you met on the street!*** This week we have our first EngSoc Council meeting (Wednesday Jan 18) at 5:30pm in CPH3607, and there is a 99.1392% chance there will be free food (…the good kind). Come to meet people, vote on motions, and eat food. Engiqueers, coffeehouse, SCUNT, arts… these will also be happening soon, so please check the calendar online (search “Engsoc Calendar”) or the big calendar outside the Orifice!

I know that it’s winter, but I want to take a moment of your day to discuss crickets, because it is very possible that they are regrettably underrated. There are over 900 different species of crickets, and they can be black, brown, white, and green. Crickets breathe through holes in the sides of their body, which are called spiracles (which rhymes with miracles- coincidence? Nope). Crickets are better at chirping than you are, by the way. They rub their legs together and Beethoven swoons. But wait- the best part about crickets is that they are omnivorous and will feast upon their own kind, such as the weak, dying, and the young, all who are unable to fight for their rights to live. Savage yo. Also, one time I ate crickets on a taco, and it was pretty decent.

If you want information about upcoming events, how to get involved, more cricket facts, or if you just want to be friends and stuff, email me at vpstudentlife.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca, visit me in the Orifice, or find me wherever I may be in life! I’m a rogue in two D&D groups, but despite that, I hope I’m not too hard to find.

*I’m in 3A chem eng, so “alive” is a loose term.

**This fact was made up by yours truly, but it seems pretty legit, anyways.

***At your own risk. Use discretion when inviting random people on streets to things.

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