How Ten Letters Have Changed Nothing: What’s in a Name?

Katie Arnold - VPOF
Posted on: January 14, 2017

Hello! I’m Katie Arnold, the University of Waterloo’s first Vice President of Operations and Finance! I am in 2A Mechanical Engineering, and spent last term’s co-op in the WEEF TA office as an ME100 TA. I like chocolate milk, grilled cheese and taking long walks to POETS.

The portfolio has changed insignificantly between the VP Finance and the VP Operations and Finance in the transition between executive structure. The new title simply acknowledges the behind-the-scenes work and operations handled by the VPOF on a regular basis. We do more than just balance the budget.

As VPOF, I manage the daily operations of Novelties and Ridgidware through my teams of directors. I have been blessed with two wonderful groups of people, and with them I will bring in new stock to Novelties in the next four months, as well as develop Ridgidware as we prepare to move it into its new home in E7. Keep an eye out this term for Katie Chin’s patch design competition – you could see your design in Novelties!

Teresa Lumini, our POETS Coordinator, and her keyholders are responsible for the movie themes we’ll see in our POETS student lounge this term. They will also be playing hosts to exciting events and OTs; it’s never a dull moment in POETS.

It has come to our attention that the Student Deals offered to engineering students through your EngSoc membership are neither well advertised nor have they been verified recently. I have a wonderful set of motivated directors through whom we will develop the advertising for the Student Deals, verify our current deals list is up-to-date, and bring in new deals that our students are interested in.

The Engineering Society offers two main avenues of funding for interested engineering students. The Engineering Capital Improvement Fund is used to fund lasting improvements to student space and services and support the facilities and services of affiliates. We also have a sponsorship fund which is allocated each term by a sponsorship committee to student teams and groups.  The VPOF is responsible for the oversight and management of both these initiatives, and I plan to develop the application process for both of these to improve clarity and communication between the Engineering Society and our students.

I’m excited to work with my team on behalf of Waterloo Engineering students. If you have any suggestions for movies in POETS, an idea for engineering swag or a new Student Deal, or need more information on any of our services, please feel free to email me at

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