PCP: How did NASA FAKE! the Moon Landing?

Cameron Soltys - 3B Mechanical
Posted on: November 23, 2016

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Sound Studio on Earth

Don’t let the government lie to you anymore. We can see the truth. They thought that assassinating Lincoln could hide the FACTS! forever, however they were wrong. NASA never went to the moon. NASA could never go to the moon. The Nazis wouldn’t allow it. They are not yet strong enough to return and begin the Eighth Reich, but they are strong enough to protect their new motherland. Look up at the sky, see the moon 10 times larger than ever before. The supermoon is here now. Why do you think it coincides with the “election” of the next face, the next front, of our communist-neo-radical mesocratic state? It is so the Nazis can put pressure on the agra-industrial complex to keep a reasonable person on the throne of the United State.

However I digress. Even if NASA had the power to overcome the military force that Hitler squirrelled away on the moon during the Beer Hall Period (BHP) of 1910, the evidence of the Nazi infection should be obvious in these “moon” pictures. Where are the eagle droppings? Why are there no V-8 contrails in the sky overhead? Some argue that this is hidden in the “jepeg” of the official released photographs, and that the originals would clearly show the armies of destruction in the background. I,,, however,,, have had the opportunity to look at a png file, direct from a valiant truth-seeker working from within the System, and can confirm without a doubt that the moon’s surface itself displays the “alleged” jepeg photo artifacts.

The moon landings were faked in a sound studio in D.C. Why else would the government have purchased a small warehouse in 1932 next to the Pentagram? Why was that warehouse demolished in 2014? To hide the sound stage. The cloud of white dust that filled the construction site was the grinding up of the “moon rocks so” that all evidence of the sound stage would be gone.

Sound Studio on Mars

A careful analysis of the photographic and videographic evidence presented by NASA as proof that they successfully orbited, descended, landed, explored, launched, and returned to Earth has been performed. This study also considers the real and official performance of the Saturn 5 rocket, and the geopolitical ramifications of the alleged moon landings, particularly with respect to the Seventh Reich. This report concludes that is was not politically feasible for NASA to perform the moon landing. Furthermore, given the amount of fuel possessed by the Saturn 5 rocket and the visual evidence, the most likely location of the moon-landing recordings was Mars.

While poorly documented in the mainstream media, it is widely recognized in political and legal spheres that the German government-in-exile (more frequently “the Seventh Reich”) has a fairly legitimate de-facto claim on the Moon. This was recognized as early as the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 which, while technically restricting the Moon from ownership by any nation state, did not outright condemn the Nazi occupation. Furthermore, modern legal interpretations of the nation-state, citizenship, and the initiation of imperial expansionist wars make it very clear that, even though the occupation is illegitimate, any attempt to disrupt the German lunar territory would be far less legitimate. Thus, it was completely impermissible for NASA to attempt a moon landing since it would lead to international condemnation.

This does leave the question of how the moon landing was faked however since it was obviously not performed on the moon. It is incontestable that the Saturn 5 Rocket was launched, carrying men to space; there is substantial personal evidence of this. Suggestions that the launch was real, but that all photographs were taken in a sound stage in D.C. near the Pentagram, are absurd; the number of people that would be required for this cover-up is so immense that it simply would not have worked. A much simpler explanation is that a secret CIA task force took control of the fabrication of the Saturn 5, installing LCD screens over all viewing ports so that the astronauts did not realize that they were not headed to the Moon, but to Mars. After landing on Mars, the astronauts were released into a robotically-build sound studio to make it look, both to them and to viewers on Earth, like the surface of the moon (obviously sans-Nazi paraphernalia, which the astronauts dutifully hid before taking their photos).

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