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Sarbajoy Majumdar - VP Internal
Posted on: September 24, 2016

Hey there everybody, I am the friendly neighbourhood Sarbajoy and I am the Vice President Internal (the last existing one). I will be talking about one of the biggest things that form most of my role: events! There are two kinds of events: one that is open for everybody and one that is specific for first years.

For the first year specifics, we have an upcoming First Year Engineering Leadership Conference that is happening on September 30 (Friday) until October 1 (Saturday). This will be an opportunity for first years to learn how to be the best leaders they can ever be, and I would heavily encourage as many first years to sign up for this as possible. We have Professor Larry Smith being the keynote speaker for this conference, as well as sessions being run by Professional Engineers Ontario, Conrad Centre and more. Its definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no first year should miss out on, and you can find out more via the website:

We also have a First Year Mentoring program that is being run throughout the term and this is managed by 2 fantastic directors, Nicole Barritt (2020 BME) and Daniel Lahey (2018 Civil). We have had the most first years and mentors sign up for this service compared to previous years (296 mentees and 96 upper year mentors this year, whilst the largest ever before was around approximately 250 mentees and 83 mentors) and these directors have been nothing but fantastic.

For everybody, we have an upcoming Laser Tag outing that is happening on Friday 30th September. We had a paintball outing and an Ultimate Frisbee tournament that happened over the last weekend and I would like to thank everyone participating as well as my directors Daniel Lahey (2018 civil, again) and Daniel Stranart (2020 nano) for running the respective events.

We also have a weekly mental health event in POETS every Thursdays which alternate between a Lets Talk mental health session and an arts event. This is a service initiated for by our Mental Health Awareness directors and I am very happy that members are utilizing these services well. We also have a biweekly Engiqueers event in POETS every other Wednesday and an EngProv meeting (our engineering Improv workshop) that runs every other Tuesday at CPH 3607.

Events are actually fun and they are also worth your time and money; hence, you should go for them. I have had not just amazing directors planning these events for you since May 2016, but I am also fortunate to have had Peter Keillor (my Student Life Commissioner, 2019 Chem) and Mariko Shimoda (my First Year Commissioner, 2020 Mech) help me tremendously, bring forward new initiatives and most importantly helped me in creating an amazing culture of involvement for directors, first years, and the general engineering community.

You can view the calendar of events on the EngSoc Event Calendar Page, as well as sign up for the EngSoc mailing list in order to keep informed of all the fun things. If you have any questions about EngSoc, what is fun to do, how to be involved, or how awesome pugs are, please feel free to stop by the Orifice (CPH 1327) on Mondays from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM as well as any other times you are free. I don’t bite (promise)!

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