VP External: Sharing is Caring

Busy times, busy times.

The last couple weeks in my portfolio have mostly been leading up to this past weekend! Like every year, EngSoc was involved in Toronto’s Pride Parade and UWaterloo’s Canada Day. Sadly, that marks the last of the significant parts of my portfolio. In the summer, once those two and WEC are over, things start to wind down. With my remaining events being Day at the MUSEUM, Water Day, another Blood Run and conference night, I’d like to talk about the major thing that’ll be happening in the last months of this term: the charity election.

Heather Smith, a past VP Ex of ASoc, had this wonderful idea in summer 2014: vote on a charity every summer and support it throughout the rest of the year! That year it was OneROOF, while this year it’s water.org. Both are fantastic causes and we’d like to find another great one this year. Thankfully, I have 2 wonderful successors to handle it. The game plan is to set up a Google form allowing nominations for charities, then the exec will choose the best options and have another Google form to hold a vote on which charity we will support. All undergraduate engineers can vote – on stream or off stream. Keep an eye out for the emails! If you have any questions go ahead and shoot them to incomingexecutive@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca, addressed to Chelsea and Sabrina (shoutout to our awesome new VP Student Life).

Okay, that’s a lot of words, so real quick: what’s coming up? Water Day: a water fight and a watermelon eating contest; what’s not to love? Blood Runs: a group trip to the blood drive, because as you know, it’s in you to give and we can prove that engineers care about our community. Day at THE MUSEUM: just like the last one, go to the museum in Kitchener and do fun science experiments with kids! We would love to get more volunteers this time, so tell your friends. Finally, I’ll be holding a conference night in POETS to tell people all about why conferences are awesome and why you should go to them. Check the calendar for the dates.

Thanks for reading!

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