President: Update Time!

Hannah Gautreau - President
Posted on: July 2, 2016

Hello Everyone! I hope your long weekend treated you well! Things have been quite slow over the past couple of weeks with most of my time being spent preparing for our Joint Annual General Meeting and transitioning the new executive. So we will have another short and sweet update this term!

Joint Annual General Meeting

The second Joint Annual General Meeting took place on June 26th, and it was incredibly successful! We elected a new Board of Directors, re-structured ECIF funding, and had some amazing discussion about Council. The Council Review Committee proposal generated a lot of debate, and there were so many great points brought forward that will hopefully improve council in the future. I am currently working on updating all of the governing documents to reflect the changes that were passed.


I have been spending a lot of my time transitioning my successor, Rachel Malevich, since she will be the B-Society president starting in August. I am really excited to see what her and her team are going to accomplish in the next two months!

Otherwise, I am spending most of my time wrapping up my term since there is only one more month left. If you have any questions or feedback please send me an email at or stop by the orifice for a chat!

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