VP Finance: If You’re Reading This It’s Tu Late

Don Tu - VP Finance
Posted on: June 19, 2016

Hello readers! Now you’re probably asking yourself: Why is Don making a pun based on his name and a Drake album? The answer is that I wanted your attention. It worked, didn’t it?

It’s also a reference to the fact that the Engineering Society elections just finished. If you’re reading this and wanted to enjoy another sixteen months of my vice-presidency, then I have some bad news for you! You’ll just have to be happy with the time we have left together. However, in that, there is also some awesome news: the wonderful Katie Arnold will be the new – and first ever! – VP Operations & Finance. Having worked with Katie on Novelties, I can vouch for her and tell you that she’s got some great ideas to bring to EngSoc.

With that said, I still have some fight in me! There is still much to do while I am still VP Finance. First and foremost, I would like to remind everyone that ECIF and Sponsorship proposals are due soon! Sponsorship proposals are due on July 2nd. I’ve sent out info via the EngSoc mailing list, including the fact that you are allowed to make video submissions this term. However, they need to be in by the 25th! If you wish to pursue that route, please send me an email. Furthermore, ECIF proposals are due on July 1st.

Aside from those programs, I will largely be focusing on carrying through the Novelties and RidgidWare plans that I’ve discussed in past updates. We’ve purchased approximately $500 worth of components for RidgidWare, so that’ll be on the shelves soon! For Novelties, we are just about ready to put in glassware, baseball tees, and some patches. And we’ve also got some Student Deals changes in the works, but I can’t share any details just yet. More to come!

Of course, I’ll be topping this off with transitioning the VPOF-elect and trying to survive in the storm of 3A Chemical Engineering. Speaking of which, I have some post-Hell Week assignments that I need to tend to! So, as always, please reach out to me at vpfinance.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca. I’d love to hear what you’ve thought of my term so far and what I can do to improve in the time I have left!

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