Protests Erupt After New 1A Policy Announcement

Purpled Protestor - 3A Anarchy
Posted on: July 21, 2010

Protests erupted in the engineering buildings after the new 1A policy was announced to students. For those of you who are not familiar with the new policy (or living under a rock), here’s some background. The 50% passing average will be raised to 60%, however students who realize they’re struggling will be allowed to drop two non core courses and make those up during a special period where they will re-take the two courses and a special study skills workshop. The penalty being they will need to be held back a term.

As mentioned, students, past, present, and future, were up in arms about this proposed change. Many people expressed that students need to be forced into the University lifestyle. “How do you expect them to learn how to deal with the great lifestyle change that is University, without them actually experiencing it first hand!,” exclaimed a masked protestor. Many spoke about how University was a big change where they needed to learn about how to study and balance their lifestyle and having the 50% pass bar was a great help for the transition. The protest which occurred last weekend quickly became violent when a group of protesters broke away from the protest and rampaged down the E2 hallways ripping posters off bulletin boards and setting custodian floor sweeping machines on fire.

Although campus media portrayed these protesters as members of a breakaway anarchist group, the purple block, many questioned if these sweeping machines were abandoned purposely and set on fire by Agent Provocateurs and left to smolder for over a half hour before campus police arrived with fire extinguishers to put out the barely lit embers.

In response to this violent event, students are demanding transparency and change from the University administration. Many groups have asked for additional resources be added to helps students get through first year, a few which we have compiled below.

Nap Time

One group of students would like to include nap time into the first year curriculum. Many people have complained about having 5 hours of class a day but no real break to refresh their minds. As such, one group would like to convert the multimedia lab into having several hundred bunk beds so students can sleep between classes. Psychologists have questioned what will happen to these students once they begin working full time jobs.

Giant Ball Pit

Secondly, another group of students would like to turn the WEEF lab into a giant ball pit complete with bouncy castle. This will apparently teach students to collaborate effectively in digging tunnels to exit the room as well as be able to double bounce people into the ceiling.

Hand Holding Service

Thirdly, one group would also like first year students to be able to have someone to hold hands with while completing final exams. No word on whether a mother or father would take this position alongside their son or daughter.

Writings Skills Workshop

Lastly, another group wants to have a daily two hour class dedicated to writing about how they feel today. Apparently this group believes it will allow students to increase their writing abilities which has apparently lacked since the internet has invaded homes.

Although these groups have presented interesting additions to the first year curriculum, none have actually addressed how to improve the passing rates of students which the new 1A policy is trying to do.

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