Acting President Report

Mike McCauley - Acting President
Posted on: January 20, 2010

Welcome back to campus!! Hopefully you have been enjoying the first few weeks of classes and you have had a chance to check out some of the planned events. I would firstly like to address our unique situation this term. As I mentioned at the first EngSoc meeting, things are a little different but here’s how we have divided the Presidential responsibilities between the execs: David will be taking on most of the meetings that the President attends except E & P which I will be taking care of, Eric will be working closely with the POETs Managers, Tim will be the man of the Orifice, and I will be picking up the rest. We are all very excited about the upcoming term! Feel free to speak with any of us at anytime if you have any concerns or ideas you’d like to share – we are all happy to talk with you! As many of you know, we decided to host BOT at SCH this term and we’d like to hear how you enjoyed the venue change. POETS has a limited capacity (90 people) and we had an awesome turnout of over 200 at BOT this term. We are still considering locations for MOT (Bomber is a possibility) so let us know what you think! <b>Paul & Paula Plummer Nominations:</b> The P&P award is presented to graduating students who have contributed to the benefit of the Engineering Society in a manner deemed to be outstanding and commendable, and who have shown a genuine caring for school spirit and the status of student life within the Faculty of Engineering. We will be accepting nominations for this award at the next EngSoc meeting (Jan 27) as well as by email. Presentations about the nominees will happen at the following meeting on February 3. Lastly, my main goal for the term is to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible given our unique situation on Exec. I encourage all of you to stop me in the hall and express any ideas or concerns you have with me – I would be happy to hear from you! Hope to see you all out at the next meeting (Jan. 27).

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