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So who are you?

My name is Jose Montaya Cabrera, I am in Management Engineering [and] I’m one of the directors of EngPlay.

In an elevator pitch, why should someone go to the show?

It’s your opportunity to see a comedy written, acted and directed by engineering students, for everyone in the university.

What play are you performing?

“The Answer is Always C.” Our stage manger, Sage Hall, wrote the play, but then she also got feedback from different people from previous Engplays and from the other directors.

So [Think], all of these characters have different backgrounds; we have profs, we have students, we have family members, and all of them are now part of a game show. During the night of the game show they are interacting with the host, and all of the people involved. Then they are going to try and find their way to the end of the game.

Now personally, as a director, what responsibilities do you have?

We need to conduct the auditions at the beginning of the term. Then we need to lead the rehearsals. [As a director] you do not only have to learn your lines and your blocking, you need to actually make those lines and blocking happen and then getting everything else ready for the play. not only props and stuff like that but also having the theater booked out, getting the advertisement out, talking to EngSoc about getting the budget, and getting the t-shirts.

Do you have any fun stories from on set?

There’s one particular scene that we hadn’t written yet, but we knew we wanted to integrate it into the play. So whenever we would scheduled people to come for rehearsals, we would always say “this is for the unnamed scene” but it was not only [the] unnamed scene, it was [the] unwritten. So people would come in and say, “cool what’s the scene about” and we were like, “help us write it”. It’s one of the scenes people are going to find especially funny. Try to figure out which one that is.

Lastly, what is your favourite scene?

I’m going to say this so that people keep it in mind when they go to watch the play.  When the play ends, it doesn’t really end. So try and stick around for the very last minute that you possibly can, and then leave the theater.

Buy tickets for 6$, at the CPH foyer and E7, every day 11:30 to 1:30., Monday through Friday, until the 29th.

Performances at the Theater of the Arts, November 28, 29 and 30. Doors open at 6:30, the play starts at 7, and goes until 9.

Be there!

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