Nike Go Flyease

In early February, Nike released a new shoe, referred to as the Nike Go FlyEase, which is the company’s first laceless pair of sneakers, meaning it’s a handsfree design. This is both a game-changer during this pandemic and a big step forward for those with disabilities.

With concerns surrounding the spread of germs being considerably high, this shoe allows users to avoid touching the dirt and germs they may have picked up on their walk, run, etc., perhaps in turn providing a sort of comfort to the user. It is also clearly designed with accessibility in mind. As stated on the Nike website, the entire FlyEase line was made to “expand access and unlock benefits for all athletes” allowing them to do “what matters most.” Consequently, it benefits all users, whether they have a disability or are simply in a hurry.

The sneaker is a hinged model. The tension band securing the shoe causes the shoe to remain in an open position, allowing the user to slip into the shoe with ease. It is then snapped into place when the wearer puts down their heel. In order to remove the shoe, one simply steps on the heel with opposite shoe – similar to what one does when they don’t want to untie their lace-up sneakers.

On February 15, Nike began to sell the shoe for $120 USD on their website to “select Nike members in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan.” They will become more widely released in the upcoming months, though the exact date has not yet been confirmed.


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