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20 Questions: Guess the Ethnicity of the Editor-In-Chief

We have posed 20 questions to the Editor-in-Chief of the Iron Warrior to help all of our readers understand and get to know him better. From these questions, the reader may attempt to guess his ethnicity. Email your responses to iwarrior@uwaterloo.ca with the first correct guess receiving a $10 reward
What is your name?
Rafiq [redacted] Habib.

What program are you in?
Management Engineering.

What is your favourite season?

Should Shawarma wraps have fries in them?
Do not speak of such blasphemy. If you want real shawarma I’ll take you to this great place near my house (in Toronto).  The offerings at University Plaza are a disgrace!

Star Wars Prequels, Original Trilogy, or new Trilogy?
Prequels, 100%.

Would you rather be an Eagle or a Lobster?

What about Toronto’s independence movement?
Stood about the same chances of happening as Keesmat did of winning the mayoral race.

If you had the choice, would you rather travel to Somalia or Nigeria?
Flip a coin: heads for Somalia, tails for Nigeria. (Nigeria gets bonus points for not being in an outright famine or civil war though.)

Which nation in World War 2 had the most aesthetically pleasing warships?

Have you ever considered moving to Argentina?
Never really given it any thought, although I once sat through an hour-long presentation of someone talking about his vacation there. I’m rather bad at habla-ing  español though.

Does Portuguese or Spanish sound more elegant as a language?
I’d have to say Portuguese, although I have barely heard either of them and know perhaps uno/dos/tres word in each.

Have you ever visited Mozambique?
No, but the beaches seem beautiful.

What is, in your opinion, the most beautiful sight in Africa?

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like the song “Africa” by Toto?
5/7 perfect score. #blesstherain

Do you believe that aliens were involved in the construction of the Pyramids?
Well, I’m no expert, but Ancient Astronaut Theorists paint a very curious picture that beings of light inspired the Egyptians to create the pyramids to reach the skies (and gave them the exact instructions to perfectly model Orion’s Belt with the Pyramids at Giza).

From which angle does the Sphinx look the sexiest?
Trick Question: the Sphinx looks like a majestic beast from every angle.

What is your opinion on Assassins’ Creed: Origins?
If I had any gaming system newer than a PS2 I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

What would you have done differently if you were the Allied commander at Gallipoli?
Not attacked Gallipoli.

Does Egypt feel like a country that you would call home?
The political climate is not one I would hope to have at home, so that currently makes it rather difficult to use that type of language 🙁

Would you support a motion to rename Ottawa to Cairo?
Well, Cairo does sound much more exotic, and dreams up visions of grandeur that I think Ottawa fails to do for anyone but the politically inclined.

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