Tin Soldier

n Reasons to Work for a Newspaper that Doesn’t Steal Money from Students

  • You’re not stealing money from students
  • People don’t complain to you about stealing their money every term
  • People actually read your newspaper
  • People actually know you’re a newspaper and not an entity made up to steal money
  • You can write interesting articles
  • You get to write articles about things people care about
  • You don’t write about the 18th gender equality event that’s occurring this week
  • You learn to manage finances
  • You make do with a quality publication at a fraction of the cost
  • You don’t need to sell out to weed companies for poorly designed ads
  • You’re surrounded by people that are genuinely interested in what they write
  • You don’t get emailed every weekend about events that no other reporter wants to cover
  • You actually get taken off the mailing list when you request it
  • Your office is in a more convenient and accessible location
  • You represent an actual, 100% real faculty
  • You don’t have to pretend to know what racialized actually means
  • You can joke about any topic and not worry about people getting offended

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