Tin Soldier

一个五毛的想法 (50 Pennies for Your Thoughts)


如果美国人真的有他们说的那么强大,他们为什么会要偷我们的知识?他们的媒体都在讲中华人民的水平没有他们的厉害, 说我们的国家没有他们的发展,但是他们的空军现在在用的战斗机都用我们人民的设计,我们人民的科学,我们人民的功劳。






For Western release:

In 1989, timid American hackers stole into the computer systems of our country. Our scientists have spent decades of success in stealing them. This is a pity, let us feel that Americans do not respect our land and kung fu.

If Americans really are as powerful as they say, why do they want to steal our knowledge? Their media are talking about the level of the Chinese people without their power, saying that our country does not have their development, but the fighters they are using now use the design of our people, the science of our people, and the merits of our people.

Yes, I am talking about their new F-22 and F-35 fighters. Trump is showing these things every day, but he is actually selling it to other countries. Can you imagine it? Is it the most capitalist style idea you have heard? They dare to discriminate against our ideas and say they are the world’s bosses. What a boss should do is to show everyone real courtesy.

If they do this, it is one thing, anyway, idiots are so obsessed, let’s be true, we can only say that we are this idiot. We should have long thought that people like them would not be a bit shameful. We have also worked hard to improve the safety equipment of our system to avoid the next time they try to do the same. If it is just such a thing, we will learn from this process and then progress.

What I have opinion is that they dare to say that our new generation of fighters are designed using technology stolen from them. Their fucking devils also arrested several Chinese Americans and said they were our spies. We don’t know these people, but we can’t accept that in the 21st there will be countries that use their own people to sin for the world to deceive us. Their leadership will be dead. Their media fell in love with these ideas. People in their country still see us as enemies. No one can believe in our country; I think this is a pity.

Comrades, friends, I hope that you can all open your eyes. The United States is not your friend. The United States is why there are so many problems in the world today, so much suffering. If they can do such illegal and rude actions against our people, you should be aware of their character and then be prepared to protect yourself. An unreasonable country is a very dangerous situation.

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