Caffeine Fix

As midterm season amalgamates with fall, sleep evades most of us. To make the days a little more tolerable, coffee finds its place in most of our hearts (read stomach). To make the process of getting to good coffee fast, this list of coffee places on campus can be a handy guide.

The Coffee and Donut shops, or C&D’s may be found on various buildings on campus such as MC, B2, CPH, AL and EV1. These shops serve great coffee and math and engineering C&D’s are famous for being very well stocked with snacks. Coffee and Donut shops are run by the faculties’ respective student societies and are therefore the most inexpensive coffee on campus, however, the science C&D in B2 is known to be the cheapest of these while also offering non-dairy substitutes such as soy milk. Lines are short in these shops and it is easy to access coffee between classes if there is a C&D near you. You may also get a discount if you bring your own cups (and save the environment on a budget).

If you have a longer break and are really craving a “double-double”, one of the six locations of Tim Hortons on campus is the place to be. Unless you are going to Tim Hortons Express at DC, you will get a perfectly brewed coffee made to your liking. It may take longer than C&D’s and it definitely will not be as cheap, but Tim Hortons coffee does a great job at hitting you with enough caffeine to wake you up for the next few hours. You may find Tim Hortons at UWP, SLC, DC, SCH and ML. Modern Languages may be considered exceptional when considering a quick coffee break. Although a Tim Hortons, it is still considerably less crowded most of the time and one may be in and out within ten minutes.

Studying in DP and can not stay awake? Consider making a quick run to Browser’s Cafe on the ground floor. It is quick; your time spent at Browser’s will depend on how long it takes for you to decide among the various flavours of Baden coffee offered. They also have snacks and are open later than the C&D’s. Other providers of Baden coffee are CEIT café at EIT and international news in SLC.

However, if you are picky about the taste of your coffee, Williams in EV3 or the Starbucks in AHS and STC are some of the more expensive options. Although wait times are longer, the coffee is almost perfect every single time. These are good places for social breaks and to just hangout with friends, and they offer enough seating space for all their customers.

Warm coffee is a sanctuary to many on cold days following sleepless nights. These places on campus make it easier for us all to get up in the morning and make it to 8:30 a.m. lectures, and more importantly, stay awake through them.

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