After a long year at Waterloo, I’ve FINALLY become accustomed to all the acronyms around campus and some of their reasons for being named. I wanted to share with you a few that I learned about to properly inform the Waterloo population.

IW – Illiterate Writers

    This one kind of speaks for itself. Don’t believe me? Just read this article.

EWB – Engineers Without Bananas

    I mean, I don’t see any engineers walking around campus holding bananas, so I think it’s safe to assume we’re all part of the EWB. And if you’re not part of it, hook me up with some bananas please.

PAC – Please Avoid Construction

    The acronym may be temporary, but the trek to CIF is forever.

SLC – Super Loud Construction

    Alternatively, for the weekends, “Some Lunch? Closed.”

UWP – Useless Without Ping Pong

    If you aren’t using UWP’s residence ping pong tables to become the best in the building then you’re living in the wrong building. That stuff was very competitive.

DWE – Down With EngSoc

    Ahhh, the great protest of many decades ago, where students rallied against EngSoc for making changes without consent of the student body (it used to be just the executive). This was when Roberts Rules and all these council meetings began to open for students to fix issues and whatnot. It was a positive event in the end to hold proper meetings to adjourn the constitution in any manner.

SCH – Sells Countless Hoodies

    If you’re an engineering student and you don’t own one of the Waterloo hoodies, are you really an engineering student? Bonus points if you bought before you started 1A.

CLV – Castaway Living Village

    It’s the furthest residence so I feel kind of bad for them but it’s got good living space so it evens out I guess.

POETS – ?????

    I’ll leave this one for you to figure out. Here’s a hint: It’s mentioned in a past Iron Warrior article in a VERY OLD issue (I just found out myself that it was mentioned here). Contact us back with the appropriate acronym to win absolutely nothing except the minute satisfaction of figuring out the acronym and going, “huh, so that’s what it stands for.”

CPH – Coffee and POETS Hall

    As a nanotechnology engineering student I pretty much only go here for these reasons so that’s why I’m naming it this way. Or could be cookies and POETS because the cookies in the C&D are top tier cookies.

RCH – Really Confusing Hall

    I’m not talking about the layout of the building. Some engineering lectures happen in here, and well, yeah, that’s what makes it confusing. Remember to use your professors’ office hours folks.

And of course….

UW – University of Washington.

    This was the first result that came into google for me, and I didn’t look back. The University of Washington is based in Seattle and has a great alumni network. With such disruptive innovation, it’s no wonder this tech University is so well renowned around the world. I really wish I went there. I’ve heard they’ve got a lovely president too.

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