Why Did Trump Win The Election?

Remember those famous, immortal comments Donald Trump made in a leaked video, describing his attempts at ‘courting’ women? Though perhaps courting is too soft of a word for describing unwanted advances on married women and what could potentially be cases of sexual assault. You would have thought that after that debacle, he’d be completely tarnished and out of the race. Sure, it was in 2005, but you’d expect a man in his mid-fifties to have some integrity. Yet in spite of these events, Trump somehow beat Clinton, which begs the question—how could anyone stand behind Trump after he was exposed for bragging about harassing and pursuing married women? Do the people of America have gnat-sized attention spans? Or did they see something in Trump that still warranted their votes? As tempting as believing the former reason is, I would have to argue otherwise.

By the end, Trump only had one saving grace—he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. That’s pretty much the only conceivable theory to explain his campaign’s resilience to complete failure. And when you really dig through Hillary’s past, you begin to understand why. From money laundering, to vote-rigging, and even down to a compulsive tendency for lying, Hillary’s got her hands in an absurd number of cookie jars.

Amongst the emails stolen from the DNC, 20 000 of them were addressed to Hillary Clinton. Instead of being impartial on behalf of the people of America they represent, these messages show a clear bias for Hillary, discussing how they would handle Bernie’s growing popularity. Officially, Clinton won the democratic nominee quite decisively, gaining 60% of the delegates and 93% of the superdelegates. Upon further analysis, one would discover this victory wasn’t particularly clean. Voter suppression tactics were used in states that favoured Sanders. Polling stations in Arizona, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island were extensively reduced, providing less opportunity for Sander’s supporters to cast their ballots, while polling stations that were open were occasionally blockaded by coincidental means, like Bill Clinton’s rally. These states were also subjected to a gross amount of registration tampering and voter purge. Bernie voters were informed that their party affiliation was switched without their consent. The result? Their ballots would end up being disqualified—and an unprecedented amount of them were, including 20 000 in Phoenix, Arizona, 91 000 in New York, and 360 000 in California. Of the votes that were submitted, many of them were erroneously tallied. Independent researchers found that 11 out of the 11 polls they studied exceeded the margin of error they were allowed, and all 11 of these errors favoured Clinton. This was done by comparing exit polls  (controlled by the research group) to the official ones (democrat-controlled), and the findings resulted in a 16% error, an absurd margin to get away with.

The corruption didn’t end there. According to wiki-leaks, the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Brunei, Oman have all donated tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation. Just to recap, anyone running for public office, let alone for presidency, is not permitted to accept foreign donations in order to avoid obvious conflicts of interest. Yet, Clinton managed to escape that law with a loophole known as the Clinton Foundation. Since it is a charity organization, the money it received did not constitute as campaign contributions. Now, whatever reasons these countries might have had in wanting Clinton to win is unknown, but I doubt it’s because of their eagerness to see a female president, considering the Middle East’s track record on women’s rights. But it’s quite apparent how pliable Clinton is, and how she was inclined to serve the interests of those aristocrats as opposed to her fellow Americans. If you don’t believe me, just look up ‘Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight’ on YouTube. The video exposes her flip-flopping and lying on ‘being under sniper fire in Bosnia’, her stance on gay marriage, and most notably, her dealings with the bankruptcy bill. This bill, first proposed in 2001, would make it harder for families to declare bankruptcy, tacitly sponsored by credit card companies who would gain from such a bill being passed. When she was a First Lady in 2001, she urged her husband to veto the bill. In 2005 as Senator Clinton, she was amongst the people who voted in favour of the bill. Why? As a senator, her constituencies changed, and was pressured to represent the industries that funded Washington. And the largest contributor being the credit industry, well what do you know!

So, why did America elect Trump? This is why. As the cliche goes, this election boiled down to picking the lesser of two evils. To a lot of Americans, a pompous, unqualified buffoon was a lesser evil than a candidate they could not trust to serve the best interests of Americans.

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