TalEng takes over POETS

Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

It was the glorious night of October 2 2014, and EngSoc had planned a night of showcasing the talents of Waterloo Engineering’s finest. From the dazzle of magic to the rhythm of guitars, the Fall 2014 TalEng night was filled with a plethora of acts that were sure to catch the eye or strike a beat.

The night’s MC was none other than EngSoc’s VP Finance, Kevin McNamara, who provided a jolt of energy between each act and even a few tunes with his guitar. Hosted in POETS, TalEng had the atmosphere and feel that anyone could ask for. The POETS bar was opened for the night and beverages were sold. Delicious Pizza goodness was also available for the attendees of the event.

Spotting a moderately cozy crowd, TalEng was whisked away with its opening act at 7:10pm. The night saw a host of great electrifying amped and grooving acoustic acts. Early in the night we saw some mind blowing musical acts such as William Seunghyun Song who shredded through an instrumental guitar performance and a piano-vocal duet of song like Lady Gaga’s Hair and Sia’s Chandelier by Aravinda and Yifei Li. Following such acts was “insane lip-action” filled with a healthy dose of elephants, cats and even a dubstepped version of the Mission Impossible theme by beatboxer Sudharsan.

The EngSoc executive team also had their own performance featuring an original song! The song was a glimpse into the busy lives of the executive team and their love of UWs engineering society. Shortly after the executive team came another great round of musical acts. Blasting back from the past were Arjun Bali, Yifan Wu and their rendition of Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down” and solo acoustic performer Cody who played Radiohead’s High & Dry. TalEng also saw the combined violin and piano skills of Vicky Nguyen, and Jade Alexander.

Rhymes and lines were dropped by Abdullah, who got the crowd to snap and slap along with his spoken word poetry. A plethora of acoustic and vocal acts such as: Jared Cheverie and his cover of Portal’s “Still Alive”, Matthew Mulvale and his cover of Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” and Paulina Morgan’s own originals kept the crowd in a musical mood.

Keeping with the steady beat and continuous flow of music, ACDC blasted through POETS’ speakers, and the all too familiar chanting filled the room. UWaterloo Engineering’s pride and joy, The Tool made a special guest appearance accompanied by the enigmatic Tool Bearers.

The night continued with acts such as the magical Austin who enraptured the crowd with clever card tricks. Volunteers witnessed first-hand Austin’s magical prowess, even a Tool Bearer participated in the magic.

Following Austin was the rage of the seven seas with seafaring pirate metal by the band Beerstorm. Sporting pirate hats and heavy riffs, the band stole the stage and incited electrifying energy into the crowd even encouraging a few to get up on their feet!

The night’s closing act was EngSoc’s own Heather Smith singing and strumming the night away on her ukulele! Fall 2014’s TalEng was a night full of laughter, music, wonder and of course talent. Showcasing more of what UWaterloo Engineers are capable of! If you missed out, be sure to catch it in future terms!

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