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Thank You!!!

Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

IT’S DONE! And it was amazing.

Orientation Week 2010 was, to each of us, one of the best moments in our lives. It was a goal that we waited months to see happen and it surpassed all our expectations. Thank you to everyone who helped make our dream come true. We were inspired, thankful and grateful for everyone and everything that happened.

All the events ran beautifully thanks to the leaders and directors! Earn Your Hard Hat was epic. We saw that the events kept you all laughing and moving – we hope you enjoyed the water slide, mudpit and snowman! And did you see the Aerial Photo?! It was an elephant!!! Like, actually (and make sure to pick up a copy from the Orifice!) We hope you all learned more about the services at uWaterloo during Service Safari, be sure to check them out over the next few weeks. Junkyard Wars was definitely an event to remember, although it was a chilly day, you all created some impressive pieces and we saw the engineers in you. With a 2-way petting zoo and a Jack-In-The-Box, who realized the cold? You also got to meet the Tool! Now you can look forward to getting ringed in your 4th year so you can hold our beloved mascot. We hope you all had the chance to learn more about co-op and first-year engineering during Eng101, thanks for making it a success! Last but not least: Scavenger Hunt. We had a ridiculous number of events that night. From Distances and Human Chess, to EDCOM Smash, it was a busy night but a perfect one. Closing Ceremonies was spectacular and a very heart-felt night for us, thank you.

To the first years, we hope you had an incredible experience and a memorable one! We hope you took away something valuable and perhaps set goals for yourself over the next few years. Make sure to hold on to the relationships you made during the week. Don’t be afraid to get to know your leaders more and ask them questions – they’re there for you! Get to know other upper-years as well over the next year and beyond as they are a valuable source of information on your program and life at the university. Be sure to sign up to be leaders next year!

To all the leaders, Mary Bland, Robin Jardin and Staff members, we couldn’t have done it without you. We were honoured and so incredibly thankful to work with you. There is no amount of thanks that will equate for everything you have done for the Week and the first-years.

We realize that the events of Saturday Night left some of you wondering but all leaders will be receiving more information from us by email. We are a family first and foremost and be sure that nothing will change that.

Our next task is to choose next year’s FOC, so GET EXCITED FOR ORIENTATION 2011!!!

Love always,

Jam, Brent, Cass, Sean, Stuart and Niz

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