Letter to the Editor: A Missing Apology

Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

Dear Editor,

This letter concerns a missing apology.

WatPD–Engineering is totally different in content from PDEng. NONE of the previous content will be even considered for the new version …. FANTASTIC!!!

The new program is in good hands. We don’t have to worry about any of the previous oppressive treatment of students creeping in … GREAT!!!

Although it will be given in the work term, the number of hours of work required will be 20-25 hours per term for 75% of the student body … GOOD!!!

The administration of the on-line program will be handled by WatPD, the staff of which is experienced at administering on-line courses where instruction (NOT evaluation) is the main thrust AND students who have access problems while on weird work terms will be accommodated with CDs or DVDs and can mail in their submissions …. WONDERFUL!!!

THREE CHEERS and a pint of good beer for all the above changes. It’s about @#$%^& TIME! These changes take care of all incoming students, although it will take years to rid our reputation out there of PDEng. Prospective students still ask about PDEng in their FIRST question.

BUT what about all the poor sods who had to go through 5 years of hell to get here and are now out in the work place???? They are the ones who WON’T be:

  • contributing to alumni funding
  • hiring our students on their work terms
  • recommending UofW engineering to their relatives and friends

Shouldn’t we reach out to them to try to heal some of the bitterness? What better way to start than with an official apology? It took the church 400 years to apologize to poor old Galileo for forcing him to say that the sun revolves around the earth. We don’t have 400 years!!! If we want to reverse some of the aforementioned negative effects we need to apologize NOW.

Since administrators, like politicians, seem to be genetically predisposed to never admitting they are wrong or to never apologizing even though every shred of evidence indicates that they should, I’ll write an apology for them and they can endorse it  (if they can bring themselves to do it).

This is what they should say:

The administration officially apologizes to all students who were negatively affected by the previous version of PDEng. It profoundly regrets the frustration, stress and anger caused by its implementation. They can rest assured that the new professional development program, WatPD–Engineering, will carefully correct all previous deficiencies and will be constantly monitored by responsible faculty members and students.

Now, that didn’t hurt, did it?

We’re all waiting ………………. !!!!!!!

Yours truly

Donald A Fraser,

Senior Demonstrator and Head TA (retired)


  1. Akarsh

    Yes, where is my apology.
    I pushed the Engsoc VPED guy on the engsoc clique thing to bring it up during PDEng town hall, nothing happened.

  2. Joe

    How about some sort of reimbursement/refund for the poor souls who had to suffer?

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