Fashion Fails – That’s It, I Quit…Resubmit

Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

All term, I’ve been desperately seeking people who can put together a decent outfit, but it seems to get harder and harder with each passing issue. This week, I believe we hit an all time low. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re so busy we don’t have time to plan our outfits, or because we really don’t give a rat’s ass about how we look. Some combination of these two reasons has produced some of the most “interesting” fashion I’ve seen all term.

Dave – Swimsuit in March + Socks and Sneakers = FAIL

I had to ask Dave what prompted him to wear a black t-shirt, with light blue swim trunks and socks pulled up with sneakers. His response was simple, “I ran out of underwear and swim trunks have underwear built right in, so I wore swim trunks.” While I’m impressed by his resourcefulness, I had to ask why he didn’t just go commando for the day, to which he explained that it was “so nobody would get a view they didn’t want.” Fair enough, at least he is being courteous to his fellow students when planning his wardrobe. But to top it all off, he wears socks pulled up to his shins with sneakers, also a no-no for which there is no excuse. As a result, this outfit receives a grade of “incomplete” due to its lack of actual underwear and must be resubmitted.

Eric – Camo + Urban Environment = FAIL

Why must so many of you insist on wearing camouflage pants year round? We’re not in the jungle, I can see you! If you truly want to blend in, perhaps a red/brown brick pattern like that found on the exterior of every engineering building would be more suitable (please don’t wear this, I WILL speak to you about it if you do). Anyway, camo is only acceptable for 1 week of the year (Frosh Week) plus special occasions when COSTUMES are appropriate. I know Eric thinks it’s a good idea to wear camo when he has no other clean pants left, but this is ridiculous. Perhaps I’ll wear a tutu to school next time I run out of clean skirts, I wonder if that would make my point that camo is a costume clear? As a result, this outfit receives a grade of “weak” because it is a costume and must be resubmitted.

Thanks for trying engineering, but sometimes your abominable sense of fashion makes me want to switch to arts.

Get Classy,


Chief Fashionista Officer

Note: I actually think Dave’s sense of style is cute although unconventional, there is almost always a good story behind what he wears and his logic for picking that outfit. Also, for the record, I really don’t hate camo that much; it’s just the easiest thing to poke fun at since some of you are so sensitive about it.

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