Staff Appreciation Corner

Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

As I sit here writing one of my mandatory articles as the EIC a million names come to my mind without whom things would not have gone smoothly. A newspaper is the product of a collective effort on part of many individuals and no one alone deserves the credit for the newspaper that makes its way through the engineering hallways every other Wednesday.

First of all, a huge thank you goes to all the staff members for taking the initiative to write on very interesting, meaningful and different ideas and delivering beautifully on the ideas they were voluntold to write. An editor can only bring in so many ideas; if it were not for the staff writers IW would not have seen the variety in subject matter found this term.

Thank you to Trevor for making my transition to this position so easy and being patient with me as I bombarded him with emails at the end of last term.

Thank you to my IW encyclopaedia, Michelle, for always being there to answer my What? How? Why? Really? questions. And for volunteering to spend her lovely Friday afternoons putting together the crossword for me.

A super duper thanks to Mother Nature for providing me with an awesome successor, Roy, who as an assistant editor was in the office on production weekends for as long as I needed him and did an amazing job with layout and photo editing.

Thank you to Mikayla for copy editing and brightening my Friday evenings; I would have gone insane sitting by myself for eight hours.

I would also like to thank the advertising manager, Amanda, for doing an excellent job finding ads this term. From phone calls to meetings, from retail services to restaurants she left no stone unturned looking for advertisements.

And a thank you to everyone who visited me over production weekends and on random days, encouraging me on how IW was doing, . It all meant a lot to me.

Thank you to the plant operations people who kept our cozy IW office clean.

If there is one person who deserves a thank you from every engineering student it’s Mary Bland. The awesome Mary who works in the Orifice, always welcomes everyone with a smile, has answers to every imaginable question, and will do anything she is asked to do. Mary, thank you very much for taking care of our administration and finance, you are awesome!

And on a very personal note, thank you to my two musketeer friends who listened to my IW rant for hours without even a frown, helped me with assignments an hour before they were due and never said anything when I was late on my part of labs. Without you two I would not have been able to survive the term!

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