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Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

The Free T-Shirt

So I’ve been ranting to you about being fashionable all term, and I must admit that some of you have greatly impressed me with your trendy outfits. However, I realize that as the end of term approaches, two things tend to happen: we spend less/no time worrying about our appearances and our bank accounts approach broke.

I know that I am guilty of both occurrences. With projects and assignments due constantly, I wake up most mornings thinking “I can wear jeans and sneakers today” even though I hold the personal rule of wearing skirts or dresses at least 3 days a week; therefore, jeans no more than twice a week and at least once with heels. Also, as my bank account drains near the end of a school term, I really can’t justify going shopping for new seasonal accessories until the bank account rises at the beginning of the following work term.

I suppose the clearest way to state this is mathematically as a function of time since we do not all speak the language of fashion, but I know we all speak the language of math (with varying degrees of fluency):

F(t) = limt →EOT (1/t)=0 (1)

From equation (1), it can clearly be seen that as time approaches the End Of Term, fashionableness approaches zero. Who said Management Engineering can’t do math? Anyway…

This article focuses on those who have overcome the inescapable F(t) function above by finding a way to look great on a low budget while showing support for their favourite engineering events: all hail the free T-shirts! In fact, any EngSoc director knows that the best way to get volunteers for an event is to offer a free T-shirt which can then be re-worn countless times as shown by these economical and fashionable students.

Eric – Explorations

Eric rocks the looks of this fantastically designed Explorations t-shirt. Whoever the Explorations director was this term had the good thought to offer free T-shirts to all 100 volunteers that helped run this event. The best part, the T-shirts are in full colour, something rarely seen on a free T-shirt. In fact, these T-shirts led over 750 students and their parents through the Engineering buildings teaching them about the marvels of engineering. Eric proudly displays that he cares about persuading today’s youth to pursue engineering as an educational path by sporting this T-shirt!

Rebecca – Bus Push

The term’s Bus Push T-shirt was fantastically and creatively designed. Props to the Bus Push directors for this use of our favourite childhood show “The Magic School Bus” as a fundraising logo. “The Magic Bus Push” was a huge success with many participants and over $5000 was raised for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Not only catchy and recognizable, this awesome yellow T-shirt modelled by Rebecca shows what engineering students can do for the betterment of society when they are motivated to be incredibly disruptive and raise money at the same time!

Noel – Frosh Week (Civilizations)

The Civilizations Frosh Week of 2009 was possibly the awesomest frosh week of all time (so far). Noel reminds us of this epic frosh week by wearing his EdCom T-shirt with the Civilizations logo. Kudos to the ’09 FOC for selecting this design because its looks fantastic. Not only does this T-shirt look awesome, but it reminds us of our duty to lead the frosh through their first year of engineering in the hopes that they are among the few (in Management anyway) that survive 1B. We all have at least one Frosh Week T-shirt and yet I only ever seem to see EdCom wearing theirs. Bigs, Huges and Frosh, wear your t-shirts proudly!

It’s been great seeing all of the fashion in the Engineering Faculty this term. I look forward to writing about all of your fashion awesomess next term. I will miss you all greatly until the Fall 2010 term commences (especially the grads who are not returning for grad school )

Stay Classy,

Amanda LeDuc

Chief Fashion Officer

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