UW will Suspend the Serving of Alcohol in Two Campus Pubs

Note: This article is hosted here for archival purposes only. It does not necessarily represent the values of the Iron Warrior or Waterloo Engineering Society in the present day.

WATERLOO, Ont. — In response to ongoing concerns about safety in its two campus pubs, the University of Waterloo will suspend the serving of alcohol in Federation Hall and the Bombshelter Pub.

The suspension will remain in effect until a better management arrangement for the two facilities can be worked out between UW and its Federation of Students.

UW holds the liquor license for the two establishments, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Liquor License Act. Concerns over pub safety have led the university to suspend the serving of alcohol.

“The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance to us,” said Martin Van Nierop, UW spokesman. “Quite simply, if we can’t be sure that the campus pubs are being operated in a way that guarantees our students and other patrons can safely enjoy themselves, then we can’t serve alcohol until their safety is assured.”

UW is ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all patrons to the campus pubs, and bears the full legal responsibility under the Liquor License Act.

“This is an accountability issue,” said Van Nierop, “What we would like to do is work with the leadership of the student union to ensure the safety and security of all patrons to the Bombshelter and Fed Hall. But until they are ready to work with us toward that end, it would be irresponsible of us to continue serving alcohol.”


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