Iron Warrior Policy Manual

The Iron Warrior Newspaper operations is bounded by a policy manual agreed upon by both Engineering Societies. Click the link below to view the Policy Manual.

IW Policy Manual (Version 5, 2018)

Contacting the Iron Warrior

For inquiries, submissions, questions, letters, etc – you can contact the Iron Warrior in the following ways:

Email: iwarrior@uwaterloo.ca
Phone: (519) 888-4567  Ext. 32693

Mailing Address:

The Iron Warrior
C/o Waterloo Engineering Society
CPH 1327
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1

Important Dates

Meetings occur on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM in DWE-1532.

Submission Deadlines for Winter 2019 (at 6:00 PM):

  • Friday January 18
  • Friday February 1
  • Friday February 15
  • Friday March 8
  • Friday March 22

Iron Warrior Staff

The Newspaper of the University of Waterloo Engineering Society – Since 1980

The staff of The Iron Warrior varies with each academic term (every 4 months).

Fall 2018 Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Samridhi Sharma
Assistant Editor: Gabrielle Klemt
Layout Editors: Raeesa Ashique
Photo Editor: Mridu Walia
Copy Editors:
Advertising Manager:
Circulation Manager:
Web Editor:
Offstream Editor-in-Chief: Janny Wang

Advisory Board

Editor-in-Chief: Samridhi Sharma
Student-at-Large: TBA
Engineering Society “B” President: Katie Arnold
Engineering Society “B” Vice-President Finance: Michael Beauchemin & Liam Yeates
Editor-in-Chief: Samridhi Sharma
Student-at-Large: TBA
Engineering Society “A” President: Mariko Shimoda
Engineering Society “A” Vice-President Finance: Michelle Teplitski

Past Editors-in-Chief


Fall 2018  Rafiq Habib  2A Management
Spring 2018  Hasan Ahmed  2B Nanotechnology
Winter 2018  Nick Owens/Cameron Soltys  2A Mechanical/4B Mechanical
Fall 2017 Gabrielle Klemt 2B Geological
Spring 2017 Vince Magas 4A Management
Winter 2017 Donovan Maudsley 3B Mechanical
Fall 2016 Caitlin McLaren 4A Chemical
Spring 2016 Bryan Mailloux 2B Mechatronics
Winter 2016 Raeesa Ashique 2A Electrical
Fall 2015 Meagan Cardno 3B Nanotechnology
Spring 2015 Cameron Soltys 2B Mechanical
Winter 2015 Nancy Hui 4B Civil
Fall 2014 Leah Kristufek 3B Chemical
Spring 2014 Nina Feng 3A Environment
Winter 2014 Spenser Good 3B Mechanical
Fall 2013 Alexander Lee 2A Nanotechnology
Spring 2013 Lucas Hudson 3A Mechatronics
Winter 2013 Andrew Fisher 4B Civil
Fall 2012 Farzi Yusufali 3B Nanotechnology
Spring 2012 Jacob Terry 2B Nanotechnology
Winter 2012 Chris Letnick 3B Computer
Fall 2011 Jon Martin 3B Civil
Spring 2011 Mikayla Micomonaco 4A Electrical
Winter 2011 Cailin Hillier 3B Geological
Fall 2010 Roy Lee 2A Nanotechnology
Spring 2010 Angelo Alaimo 3A Electrical
Winter 2010 Amrita Yasin 3B Chemical
Fall 2009 Trevor Jenkins 2A Management
Spring 2009 Michelle Croal 3A Chemical
Winter 2009 Kevin Ling 2A Computer
Fall 2008 Stuart Pearson 2A Civil
Spring 2008 Sunny Ng 4A Computer
Winter 2008 David Morris 2A Electrical
Fall 2007 Faraz Syed 4A Chemical
Spring 2007 Bahman Hadji 4A Computer
Winter 2007 Harout Manougian 3B Electrical
Fall 2006 Jaclyn Sharpe 2B Mechanical
Spring 2006 Gabriel Chan 3A Systems Design
Winter 2006 Andrew Dodds 2A Mechanical
Fall 2005 Dan Arnott 2B Environmental
Spring 2005 David Yip 3A Mechanical
Winter 2005 James Schofield 3A Computer
Fall 2004 Andre Beltempo 3B Mechanical
Spring 2004 John Olaveson 2B Civil
Winter 2004 Jeff Henry 4B Computer
Fall 2003 Joseph Fung 3N Computer
Spring 2003 Jonathan Fishbein 2B Software
Winter 2003 Jonathan Ng 4B Computer
Fall 2002 Matthew Harper 2B Computer