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Posted on: November 28, 2018

*** The Tin Soldier is intended to be a humorous and entertaining look at issues and events at the University of Waterloo. As such articles should not be taken to represent real events or opinions, and they should not be associated with the University of Waterloo staff or administration in any way. Any similarities to real world events, people or corporations is purely coincidental – or non-coincidental but meant in an entirely joking manner.***

In a bold new move, the ECE curriculum is now redesigning their digital circuits course to accommodate nontraditional components. The first and foremost change is that digital circuits is now non-binary. Student Phoenix Write writes “It’s about time to acknowledge that you can’t just assume every component  is either a 0 or a 1, and in fact there’s an infinite spectrum of numbers in between. Accommodating components of all types is acceptable to ensure Waterloo  Engineering is safe and inclusive to every component, and as the leading engineering school in Canada, we take great pride in ensuring we lead all forms of social change.”

While students expressed concern over the binary numeric system having physical limitations when it comes to accommodating other numbers in digital circuits, newspapers applauded this daring act of social acceptance. “While trolls insist that the only numbers in digital computers are 0 and 1, their argument falls short when you notice there’s also a j on the keyboard!” To ensure all numbers will be accommodated in this radical new curriculum, analog components will now be added to the new ECE 124 curriculum; instead of only teaching D, T and J-K Flipflops, all students will be taught flipflops from A to ZZ in this new inclusive policy.

This exciting new curriculum is sure to inspire many to praise Waterloo’s innovation, as we continue to be the Waterloo of the North.

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