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Posted on: November 20, 2016

*** The Tin Soldier is intended to be a humorous and entertaining look at issues and events at the University of Waterloo. As such articles should not be taken to represent real events or opinions, and they should not be associated with the University of Waterloo staff or administration in any way. Any similarities to real world events, people or corporations is purely coincidental – or non-coincidental but meant in an entirely joking manner.***

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right down, I’ll tell you about how I became a prince of a place called A Soc.

In 2B management, promoted and raised, in the management lounge I used to spend all of my days, chilling out maxin relaxing all cool, and throwing some coffeehouses outside of school. But a couple of people were up to no good and started making trouble in the neighbourhood–so I ran for an election and people were scared, that they elected me as the Vice President of Int-A.

I begged and pleaded and got myself a commissioner, and he helped me get some awesome directors, and winter 2016 was definitely not a slip, except maybe for the ski trip.

Ski trip, yo, that was so bad. $35 to Blue Mountain, that was so rad. But everyone who went there came back alright, yet somehow talking about ski trips still gets me into fights.

And all the other faculties came and they say, hey eng is great and engs do many fun things, yippie yay. They say why can’t we do more, but the FEDs says maybe it’s time to go home. So I said I’ll see what can be done, but at least everyone knew the VP of Int-A.

Fall 2016 came and a bunch of first years did too, and many people were unhappy about school. But I got 2 comms and bunch of directors, so the term fall 2016 was definitely not a disaster.

I whistled for my term to end, and when it came near, the tensions were high and we were diced every term, if anything I thought the term was unfair, but I was like forget it yo, it’s the life of Int A.

I got one of my commissioners elected to replace me, and I yelled to her, smell you later. But I looked at my kingdom that I am finally leaving, as I will sit on my throne into the new EngSoc, which is known as the House of Sarb.

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