IW Recommends: Tumblr

Sarah Ahmed - 3A Electrical
Posted on: January 20, 2010

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that has made blogging easy with the use of four buttons: comment, reblog, follow, and like. It thrives as it steps away from the structure of a traditional blog, letting you customize everything. For blogger newbies, there are 305 ready-to-use templates (there are more, in test stages) and for hardcore bloggers, there is an option to create and publish themes. Tumblr allows you to upload links, photos, quotes, music, videos and text from your phone (applications are available for both iPhone and Facebook), your email, AIM, Twitter and your own computer. While Tumblr has been accused of stealing ideas from others ( Like from Facebook, Follow from Twitter, and TumbleUpon from StumbleUpon.com), there is no question that with 2 million users, it is doing something right.

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