The Coronavirus – What You Need to Know

- 1B Biomedical

On December 31st, many people in the city of Wuhan, China were reported to have pneumonia-like symptoms as a result of a then-unknown virus. On January 7th, China officially informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of a newly discovered virus called 2019-nCoV or the 2019 novel coronavirus. So, what exactly is a coronavirus? Coronaviruses are […]

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Strike Strike Revolution

- 1B Management

The strike of the knell and another set of picket lines is up. The Association des engseignantes et enseignants franco-ontariens, the union representing all teachers and teaching-assistants in francophone Ontario schools, are going to walk out. This marks the last of Ontario’s four major teacher’s unions to announce a strike in protest over the Ford government’s […]

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Counterpoint: Should you tell your parents a lie to make them feel better?

- 1B Management Engineering

Unequivocally, your answer should be no. The relationship of child to parent is the most important relationship in the world; one in which values, knowledge, and love have been transmitted from generation to generation for time immemorial. A parent is expected to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children to grow. In return, […]

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The Pint of No Return

Gabrielle Klemt - 4B geological

What is the environmental cost of all that drinking? Here at Leafy Thoughts, I’m always curious about my effect on the planet. Here in Engineering, we live firmly by the creed “technically, alcohol is a solution”. What is the commonality between alcohol and the environment, you may wonder? Let me explain. This issue will be […]

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EngSoc President -

Happy Winter term everyone! My name is Delainey and I am proud to be your A-Soc President. With this being my first on-term of my presidency I am looking forward to rolling out some new initiatives and continuing to steer the direction of the Engineering Society in a way to continuously better the Engineering student […]

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