The Death and Legacy of Stephen Hawking

Stone He - 1B Mechanical
Posted on: March 24, 2018

While most people were enjoying pie during Pi Day, Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, died peacefully early Wednesday, March 14, surrounded by his family and his loved ones in his home in Cambridge.  He was 76 years old.  In a public statement, his children honoured Hawking’s legacy as a great scientist who inspired the […]

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Cambridge Analytica Used Facebook Data to Influence Votes

Raeesa Ashique - 3B Electrical

Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting firm which uses data collection and analysis to provide strategic planning for elections. In a scandal exposed by the New York Times and The Observer of London on March 17, the data analytics firm obtained private information from over 50 million Facebook users, which they used to influence votes. […]

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Nerve Agent Attack in Britain

Kai Huang - 1B Computer

On March 4, first responders arrived at a public bench in the city of Salisbury, England to find 66-year-old Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia Skripal lying unconscious. They were immediately taken to hospital and an investigation began immediately. According to the UK government, the two were poisoned with a nerve agent from the […]

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US-Bangla Plane Crashes in Nepal

Thomas Cojocar - 1N Mechanical

On 12 March 2018, a US-Bangla Airlines airplane crashed on approach to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Flight 211, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, was carrying 4 crew and 67 passengers. 20 people survived the crash, while 51 lost their lives. This is the deadliest crash involving the Dash 8 Q400 and the worst […]

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Passenger Dog Passes Away in Overhead Cabin

Hasan Ahmed - 2N Nanotechnology

United Airlines plunged under hot water (again) recently when a passenger’s dog died after being stuffed in the overhead cabin for the duration of the flight. The plane, heading from Houston to New York on a 3-hour trip, had an employee who told the dog’s owners it had to be placed in the overhead bin, […]

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Stefan Karl Stefansson

Hasan Ahmed - 2N Nanotechnology

In early March 2018, Stefan Karl Stefansson tweeted, “It’s not until they tell you you’re going to die soon that you realize how short life is. Time is the most valuable thing in life because it never comes back. And whether you spend it in the arms of a loved one or alone in a […]

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Mental Heath Forum Lackluster

Cameron Soltys - 4B Mechanical Engineering

On Wednesday, March 14, the University of Waterloo hosted a forum to discuss the report put forward by the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health (PAC-SMH), which had been released earlier that week on March 12. The forum, which took place at Federation Hall, was attended by a large crowd: every seat was taken […]

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Thank You Everyone for Everything

Cameron Soltys - Editor-in-Chief

It’s here. The last issue of the term. This is not an overwhelmingly happy issue. As you would have seen on the front cover of this issue—and on nearly every media or social media outlet in the world—the wonderful theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has left us, much to the dismay of the millions he has […]

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(Assistant) Editorial


Hello minions. Well, I wish I could say that. In reality, I am the minion because I am here at 5 AM because I procrastinated for a long time and then took four days to write one article because I realized that I had absolutely no interest in the subject matter but I already committed […]

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How to Pad An Article: Step 1 is Make a Subheadline

Mr Long Name - Byline Photos are Longer than Bylines Without

There are a stupendous number of ways to pad an article that is just a little bit too short. One very very very very easy way to do this is to add in a couple tiny extra words that don’t alter the flow of the sentence (too much) but nevertheless are enough to bump a […]

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Raspberry Pi Releases New Model 4: Still Unappealing to Lick

Tom the All-Consuming - 2A Technology Connoisseur

You think they would’ve gotten it right by now. Regardless of whatever model gets released, I always pick it up and give it a good old seductive tonguing. I’m always taken aback by the prickliness of the GPIO and the metallic HDMI port. The microSD card port is surprisingly tangy, and is good on a […]

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Can Scott still do a Backflip?

Inside Jokenator 5000 - 4B Mechanical

He always enthusiastically volunteers for stuff and we love him for being so helpful, but it’s been years since we’ve seen him successfully complete a backflip. Everyone knows it’s the backflips that make the dad jokes bearable. What happened? Did our golden retriever puppy grow old and tired? An anonymous source close to Scott revealed […]

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Big News in the Crypto Market

Gamblin' Gerald - Bitcoin Billionaire

(Bitcoin/Ethereum/The latest scam coin), the hottest cryptocurrency on the market right now, has been dominating the news lately. Although it started out as a (obscure technology/transparent money grab/meme coin that was actually supposed to make fun of how the people investing in cryptocurrency have no idea what the hell they are doing), in the last […]

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Scientists Resign as Minecraft Proves Flat Earth Theories

Steve the Default - 1B Cubical Engineering

In a 98-page study released by the University of Notchingham, researchers at the university provided conclusive proof of a flat earth after reaching the end of a Minecraft world. The research was adapted from an old paper, which was able to postulate the possibility based on Runescape players. However the research was never furthered as […]

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Why EngSoc Should Secede from FedS and Form its Own Nation

Patdullah O'Beachimoda -

Too long have we toiled beneath the vicious overlords. Too long have the Free Engineers of the University of Waterloo suffered beneath the chains we admittedly chose to wear ourselves. Too long have these peasants stood against us…but no more. My friends, neighbours, country-people, fellow humans of UW Engineering, it is finally time for us […]

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In Russia, Election Vote You (for Putin) — > honestly this is just a placeholder for a title

Gulag Gerry - 1A Mining

Russia startles the world on March 18, 2018 by re-electing Vladimir Putin as President with a mere 76.6% of the vote, casting doubts as to whether the incumbent president still had the confidence of his people to implement his daring agenda of corruption, espionage, and strong-arming.  Pollsters had predicted a stronger show of support on […]

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Thank Mr. Goose!!!

Goose Hater - 4B Innovation

As Waterloo awaits the opening of the highly anticipated Engineering 7 (E7) building this September, new details and layout changes are beginning to leak. Perhaps the most surprising leak is a new section named the Canada GooseTM  Innovation Center.  This Centre is an expansion and adaptation of the Management Engineering pizza-making lab to the premium […]

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Mao Zedong - Dr. Political Science, Ph.D

A hashtag that first went viral after the inauguration of Donald Trump has resurfaced, this time in reference to Chinese President Xi JinPing’s amendment of the Chinese constitution to allow for the removal of term limits. Unenlightened 老魏 in Western countries believe that 习大大的 actions represent the beginning of an authoritarian regime. It is important […]

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