Day Zero Approaches Cape Town

Tony Kappen - 1B ECE
Posted on: February 12, 2018

Day Zero—the day when the water taps run dry—is racing towards Cape Town, South Africa. Expected to be some time in mid-April, this dire condition is the product of a record three-year long drought that has left the second most populous city in South Africa and the seat of its national parliament struggling to cope. […]

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Damnit Donald: Gun Control Discussion Arises After Florida School Shooting

Raeesa Ashique - 3B Electrical

We are back once again with “Damnit Donald”, chronicling the absurdities and scrapes which have characterised every day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Gun Control A devastating shooting at a Florida high school on February 14 killed seventeen people, reviving the heated discussion regarding gun control in the United States. Suspect Nikolas Cruz, age 19, has […]

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PC Intrigue: A Timeline

Rafiq Habib - 1B Management

The last five weeks for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PC Party) have been full of twists, turns, and more drama than most believed possible. With just over four months to go before a general provincial election in June, the airwaves have been dominated with scandal, accusations, and rumours galore. In case you’ve been […]

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Broskies on Brewskies: Lake of Bays Brewing Company

Donovan Maudsley and Tristan Kuehn - 4B Mechanical and Systems Design

Welcome to a very special edition of Broskies on Brewskies. This term we’re doing special issues devoted to breweries rather than the freestyle issues we’ve done before. This issue we’re pretending to visit the Lake of Bays Brewing Company, one of our favourites. We discovered the Lake of Bays brewing company back in Fall 2015 […]

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PCP: For Rankings

Stone He - 1B Mechanical

Every end of the term, class rankings come out and students are given a chance to look at how well they did in comparison to their classmates. Now it is completely optional to look at your class rankings due to the amount of stress it places on the students when they find out that they […]

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PCP: Against Rankings

Hasan Ahmed - 2N Nanotechnology

Ah rankings, what I believe are one of the most toxic parts of an academic system. They serve very little purpose, and I don’t believe we should even have them to be honest (at least, publicly). Never had them in high school and that wasn’t an issue. Especially now in Waterloo, there’s no reason for […]

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HAHAHA You Thought You Could Get Rid of Me

Mariko Shimoda - VP Student Life

Guess what?? You thought I was leaving didn’t you…. WRONG. I am here to stay so watch out world. The terror I inflicted as VP Ludent Stife is nothing compared to the TORNADO I WILL BRING AS PRESIDENT. From now on, you must exclusively refer to me as Madam President. Jk, tbh I am very […]

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Sponsorships and ECIF and more?

Michael Beauchemin - VP Finance

Hey there folks! It’s almost time for me to say goodbye as your VP Finance here on A-Society. Pretty soon you will be receiving your updates on all things dollaree-doo from Michelle Teplitski. I’m in the process of transitioning Michelle into her new role as VP Finance, and I know she’s going to do a […]

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Blood Drive and Wrapping up a Year of Conferences!

Céline O’Neil - VP Communications

A Waterloo delegation of eight first-years and three upper-years attended the First-year Integration Conference hosted by Lakehead University early in February. The conference connected first-year engineering students from across Ontario, and the weekend was packed with sessions on leadership, ranging from professional engineering to inclusivity to involvement in student government. Even with the packed schedule, […]

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A New Team’s Been Elected, But We Aren’t Done Yet!

Abdullah Barakat - President

Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful reading week; it was definitely a well deserved and much needed break. With reading week and midterms all over the place, I have not been able to get as much done as I would have liked, but here are my updates since the last time we […]

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Olympics Recap

Hasan Ahmed - 2N Nanotechnology

Disclaimer: This was last modified on 22nd of Feb 2018. I suggest catching up on the last few days of the Olympics after this. There are still important events going on. The Winter Olympics are one of the cornerstones of Canadian athleticism. We always do well, and we are continuing to do well this year. […]

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Editorial: Slow Down and Look Around

Cameron Soltys - Editor-in-Chief

Miss me? It’s good to be back in the captain’s chair. I didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to write another editorial after my first term as EIC, so I was keeping all my opinions and rants pent up inside myself, as is good and healthy. Now they’re giving me a soap box again, […]

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