Engsoc Events Number 2

Gabrielle Klemt - 2A Geological
Posted on: January 28, 2017

Welcome back to my not-quite-a-column (it’s a working title) where I attempt to go to as many engineering events as I can and report about them here in this newspaper. A crazy amount of engineering events have taken place in the past two weeks, but sadly your trusty reporter was not able to attend them […]

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Can the Nintendo Switch Compete?

Alex Lee - 4B Nanotechnology

Last October, Nintendo announced its next-gen gaming console, the successor to the middling Nintendo Wii U, named the Nintendo Switch. As with previous iterations of Nintendo consoles dating all the way back to the original Nintendo Wii and the handheld Nintendo DS, the Switch attempts to innovate on and revolutionize traditional console designs. In this […]

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A Board, a Ban, and a Barrier

Alex Pezzuto - 1B Electrical

Trump is officially president. Now, I could just end the article right here, since I’m pretty sure everybody’s sick of Trump clogging up the news headlines, but I won’t—because sometimes low-hanging fruit just need to be picked. So what controversies did Trump stir up this time? He’s going to allow torture (specifically waterboarding), he enacted […]

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Oscar Nominations Announced

Alina Pavel -

It’s that time of year again (no, not Superbowl season): the 2017 Oscar nominations are here! This year is the 89th year the awards will be held, featuring 24 categories of awards. They will take place on Sunday, February 26th at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, comedian and […]

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Can Netflix sustain its rise? – 10 Years of Binging

Gabrielle Klemt - 2A Geological

I blink my eyes and stare blearily at my phone. 1:32 AM. When did that happen? Surely it’s not already one thirty? I had so many plans; I was going to finally start sewing those patches on my covvies, what about that coffeeshop I was supposed to go check out earlier? Wasn’t there some event […]

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E7 Construction Receives Federal Funding

Cameron Soltys - 3T Mechanical

On January 12, the federal government announced that they would be supplying $32.6 million in funding to help complete Engineering 7 (E7). The announcement was made by Bardish Chagger, who, in addition to being the Government House Leader and the Minister of Small Business and Tourism, is also Waterloo’s local Member of Parliament. E7 is […]

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Conservative Leadership Race: The Shark Enters the Tank

Aaron Propp - 1B Electrical

Kevin O’Leary entered the Conservative leadership race the day after the French language debate, January 17th. He joins a crowded field of 13 other candidates including Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer. Maxime Bernier and other leadership candidates have criticized him skipping out on the French language debate, as Kevin O’Leary is unilingual with English being […]

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Something seems Phishy

Hasan Ahmed - 1B Nanotechnology

Have you ever looked at the spam inbox of your email and wondered how stupid some people are to fall for those kinds of scams? Well, did you ever think that you may have already fallen for one? Scammers aren’t stupid. They know how to slip by the spam filters of your email service, and […]

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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

Hira Rahman - 1B Nanotechnology

As one of his final acts as president, Barack Obama commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, a former military intelligence analyst condemned to a 35-year sentence for her decision to release hundreds of thousands of military logs from the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, which exposed the US government’s questionable actions. Nancy Hollander and Vince […]

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PCP – Against: Are Cars an Overall Boon for Society?

Meagan Cardno - 4B Nanotechnology

If you are friends with me, you might know that despite being 22 years old, I currently do not have my license. No, this isn’t some sort of lifelong prohibition against the tyranny of our requirement to own and drive a car in order to be a beneficial contribution to society, but I do want […]

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PCP – For: Are Cars an Overall Boon for Society?

Thomas Willert - 3B Mechanical

The automobile was introduced as a method of transportation for many people in the 20th century, slowly developing into what it is today. This was mainly due to the development of an infrastructure that already existed, trails and basic roads from town to town. This ease of adopting these “roads” lead to the explosion of […]

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Congress 2017 Conference: Listen, Observe, Reflect, Share

Tiffany Chang - 2A Chemical

Hey, friends! My name is Tiffany, and I was one of the Engineering Society-B’s delegates to the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students’ (CFES) annual Congress conference. This year, the University of Western Ontario hosted this conference from January 2nd to 8th. You may be wondering: What is Congress? Why is this relevant to me? With […]

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All Things Mental Health! Fantastic Resources and Where to Find Them

Rachel Malevich - President

Hey readers! Last week, we all had the opportunity to support mental health initiatives across Canada as part of the Bell Let’s Talk day on January 25th. Following this, I’ve decided to dedicate my article this week to informing you about some of the mental health resources available on campus. The Engineering Society has a […]

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Why should I give a flying ESSCO about Conferences?

Melissa Buckley - VP Communications

Hello there reader! You may have noticed I used the word “ESSCO” to fill in for h*ck in my very engaging headline this week. So what’s ESSCO? ESSCO is the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario, and all the engineering schools on Ontario have a vote on ESSCO’s council. They exist to facilitate the sharing […]

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Love Lost, and What It Means to Move On (from JobMine to WaterlooWorks, That Is)

Andrew McBurney - VP Academic

Hey engineering students! I hope job applications have been going well for the most part, and hope the transition from JobMine to WaterlooWorks hasn’t been too bad. Now, you’re probably questioning the title I used, so let me explain. When I’m talking about love lost – I’m not talking about the loss of a relationship […]

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Coming to Events, Doing Things, Being Involved, or Not — It’s All Good

Chelsea VanderMeer - VPSL

Hey guys, we’ve survived the first month of school so far! Someone reminded me the other day that we have midterms coming up soon. That’s fine though, because we still have a few more weeks of either self-induced ignorant bliss, or well-thought-out, scheduled studies. *whispers* Choose wisely. Event Updates: EngHack is happening this weekend! If […]

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What a Novel Idea: New Swag Comes to Novelties

Katie Arnold - VPOF

We’ve heard your cries and we’re ready to deliver! Get ready for an entirely new design of Engineering Sweatpants! We’re excited to bring a design of sweatpants into Novelties featuring the Ridgid Tool. We’re trying out a new system for ordering this term to make sure everyone who is interested can have a size that […]

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Red Hot Rookies Have Leafs In Playoff Mix at the Break

Elizabeth Salsberg - 4B Nanotechnology

Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews. Do these names ring a bell? If not, they should. These 19-year-olds have led the Leafs to within a point of the third and final playoff spot in the Atlantic division and the wild card. With a 23-15 record at the all-star breaks, these Leafs have already dramatically improved since […]

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The Super Bowl is Almost Here!!!

Donovan Maudsley - 3B Mechanical

I have a horrible record predicting the Super Bowl. I’ve lost every year for the last three. I chose the Denver Broncos over the Seahawks (AFC West = AFC Best), the Seahawks over the Patriots (they surprised me last year), and last year the Carolina Panthers over the Broncos (the Broncos let me down before). […]

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Editorial: Things Are Happening

Donovan Maudsley - Editor-in-Chief

I honestly can’t believe that we’re already in our fifth week of class. I don’t think I’ve gotten a whole night’s sleep since the New Year. Mechanical Engineering’s 3B term is starting to live up to its reputation. This issue comes with a lot of great content. There’s so much content that I seriously considered […]

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Five Things You Don’t Want to Know – Protests in History

Caitlin McLaren - 4B Chemical

As readers will know, the thesis of this column is that all people, in all time, are ridiculous. Politics don’t enter into it – all sides have their absurd foibles. However, these are what are generally (and often pejoratively) referred to as interesting times. Since protest is the word of the day, protest it shall […]

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