UW Celebrates Canada 150 & EngSoc Joins TO Pride Parade!

Jessica Keung Cameron Soltys - 4A Civil & 4A Mechanical
Posted on: July 2, 2017

Toronto Annual Pride Parade This year marks the 37th annual Pride festival in Toronto and the second-ever Pride Month.This Pride Month consisted of engaging programming and exciting events throughout the city, culminating in the famous and much-anticipated Pride Parade on June 25th. The Pride Parade also included the Trans* Pride March on June 23rd and […]

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Dammit Donald: Canadian Update Edition

Raeesa Ashique - 3B Electrical

Besides a minor reference to our Prime Minister, here is your exception to the Canadian theme of this issue. This update has its own theme of anti-Islamic sentiments, which has been a surprisingly quiet topic in recent months. Trump Meets His Soulmate India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Washington early last week, and appeared […]

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Canadian Regiment Takes Up Spot in Queen’s Guard

Nick Owens - 1B Mechanical

This year’s Canada Day, as you might know, is the historic 150th anniversary of the country, and the celebrations have spread their way to the Canadian Armed Forces. The past week has proven to be a historic occasion for the military. Recently, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II invited a Canadian Regiment to take up the […]

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Opportunities Beyond Waterloo

Steven Jia - VP Communications

Wow, can you believe it’s almost July? The summer solstice has passed, midterms are (mostly) over, and finals will be upon us in a month. I knew spring terms flew by, but this one feels like it’s going by particularly fast. For this issue, I want to do a spotlight on the external opportunities that […]

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Some Updates, Some Up in the Air

Pat Duong - VP Academic

As usual, lots of things happening with academic and co-op related issues and I’m looking to hear back from y’all about your thoughts: WaterlooWorks Feedback! Submit your opinions here: bit.ly/WaterlooWorksFeedback At the time of writing this article, there were 300 submissions to the Feedback Survey, over 137 of which were from Engineering students! We’ve opened […]

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The Canadian Ludent Stife

Mariko Shimoda - VP Student Life

What’s up pals! Lots of fun has been happening around here! It has been a big week for outreach. Last Sunday we marched in the Toronto Pride Parade! We had an amazing time marching in Toronto with our home-made tie-dye shirts, new and old friends from other engineering schools, and of course, THE TOOL! And […]

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Halfway There, But The Moment Keeps On Going

Andullah Barakat - President

Hello friends! Thanks for tuning in for another update from your ever-excited EngSoc President, me! A lot has happened since my last article, so here we go: The EngSoc Joint Annual General Meeting happened on June 24th, and it went really well! We had the highest attendance that we’ve ever had at our general meetings, […]

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Editorial: A Struggle for Control

Vince Magas - Editor-in-Chief

Hello once again, and welcome to the fourth issue of the Iron Warrior for the 2017 Spring Term. Before jumping into the stream of words that is my editorial, I would very much like to thank the folks at The Iron Warrior who contributed to this article and made it possible. As always, thank you to the […]

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Electro-Nick’s Electronics: How Ubisoft Has Failed Their Country

Nick Owens - 1B Mechanical

Note: This is a completely unbiased article, written by an unlicensed “professional”. Greetings everyone, and happy Canada Day. Whether you were watching the fireworks or simply spending time with friends, it truly is a good time to be Canadian. So, in the spirit of the holiday, I have decided to cover an issue with electronics […]

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Why Doesn’t Tim Hortons Sell Brownies? An Open, Semi-Sarcastic Letter

Hasan Ahmed - 1T Nanotechnology

Canada’s supposed to be this really perfect, happy-go-lucky nation, right? We’ve got free healthcare, ice hockey rinks galore, and I’m sure we’ve all gained an appreciation for poutine over the years. However, this country has its drawbacks: tons of road construction during the summer, or perhaps the cold, cold winters that hit our country every […]

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