Waterloo Grade Adjustment List Revealed

Steven Du - 1A Software Engineering
Posted on: September 26, 2018

It’s no secret that Ontario high school marks have been rising at a remarkable pace. Since Ontario abolished province-wide standardized exams in 1967, the percentage of students applying to university with an A average (80%+) has increased from under 40% to well over 60%. While this trend could suggest that students are getting smarter, a […]

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New Ventures for the Queen of VC

Parul Arora - 3B Computer Engineering

If you knew you could predict which companies would be successful, what would you do about it? One firm decided to rightfully make the woman that could a partner. Mary Meeker joined Kleiner Perkins in 2010 after creating her legacy as an industry analyst with her famous “The Internet Report”, written at Morgan Stanley in […]

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New Development Proposal at King and Bridgeport

Stone He - 2A Mechanical Engineering

A controversial 11 and 24 storey high twin-tower building proposal has been placed under consideration for construction on the site of the former post office at King and Bridgeport. HIP Developments search for approval to construct the condominium started in April. Since the building exceeded the 16-metre limitation, the city council made an amendment on […]

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California Sets Ambitious New Clean Energy Target

Tony Kappen - 2A Electrical and Computer Engineering

California, which is already a world leader on clean energy, has upped its commitment even further by committing to 100 % zero-carbon electricity by 2045 – a mere 27 years from now. The bill, SB100 will commit California to get all of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. To go a step further, Jerry […]

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Video Games and Gambling

Kai Huang - 2A Computer Engineering

In April of this year, the Belgian Gaming Commission took a thorough look into the implementation of “loot boxes”, specifically those in  EA’s FIFA, Blizzard’s Overwatch, and Valve’s CS:GO. Their conclusion was that as the loot boxes were essentially a game of chance that required real money to play, it would be subject to Belgian […]

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PCP: Gender-Exclusive Events are Important

Beverly Vaz - 2B Software Engineering

I believe that at present, in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, it is desirable to have gender-exclusive events. In the past women have been undermined in these fields and having such events would benefit them by creating a fair and level playing ground. However, I am in no way suggesting that such events should […]

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Self-Driving Cars: A Discussion

Selina Hsu - 1A Mechatronics Engineering

Forget about jet packs and flying cars; the future, today, is more drones and self-driving cars. Google put their first driver-less car on a public road in 2015. It had no steering wheel, no pedals, and was unaccompanied by police. It captivated the public, sparking new questions, new discussions, and new ideas about what the […]

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PCP: It’s Time to End Gender-Specific Events

Janny Wang - 2A Nanotechnology Engineering

Women in Engineering is a praiseworthy organization; I would not mar their good name, for I know them as providers of free food and that is a virtue which amnesties all sins. There is a plethora of similar sisterhoods on campus, ranging from sponsors of women-only networking events to ‘inclusive’ sponsors of caffeine and tea. […]

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