Secret Things on Campus

Donovan Maudsley - 4A Mechanical
Posted on: October 14, 2017

The University of Waterloo campus is a dense maze of buildings, passages and patios, many of which are unknown to the casual visitor. While there are the obvious hot spots, the E5 – E3 skybridge or POETS, many students can go their whole stay at Waterloo without discovering everything there is to know about campus, […]

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Donovan Maudsley - 4A Mechanical

The University of Waterloo has been ranked the most innovative post secondary, and as such there is pretty much a steady stream of news coming out of campus. I’m going to catch you up on a few stories that you may have missed. Quantum Error Research Chair The Institute for Quantum Computing is one of […]

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Twitter Doubles 140-Character Limit

Samridhi Sharma - SOMETHING

On September 26, 2017, a Tuesday which marked a turning point in the history of Twitter, the social media platform announced a character limit increase from 140 characters to 280 characters for a few randomly selected Twitter users.  The new character limit may be made available to all Twitter users depending on the success of […]

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Netflix Promises 500 Million for Canadian Content

IW Staff Writers - Engineering

On September 28th, Heritage Minster Mélanie Joly detailed the Creative Canada Policy during a speech in Ottawa. The policy outlines changes that will make Canadian media content more prolific in the globalized digital market. Under this policy, the Canada Media Fund, a public-private partnership which provides financial support to Canadian television show and video game […]

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The Low Sales of the iPhone 8

Stone He He - 1A

The iPhone 8, released last month, had faced a decrease in sales during the opening week compared to previous iPhone models. Despite the reported low sales of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and with the upcoming release of the iPhone X, the latest iPhone release had been meeting analysts’ expectations. The anticipation of the […]

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Yoda In Saudi

Ratan Varghese - 2B Electrical

A few weeks ago, Saudi Arabian high school students were delightfully surprised to find Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars, depicted in one of their history textbooks. Apparently, when Saudi King Faisal (a prince at the time) was signing the UN charter in San Francisco back in 1945, Yoda was calmly watching over the […]

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New NDP Party Leader

Janny Wang -

For much of its existence, the NDP has been the acknowledged hangers-on of federal politics – an awkward mishmash of labour activists and leftists, always an inch short of the much coveted title of “Major Political Party TM”, but half an inch above the swirling vortex of eco-friendly irrelevance known affectionately as the Greens. Jack […]

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Trudeau’s Tax Reforms

Aaron Propp - 2A Computer

The consultation period for Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau’s tax reform ended October 2nd. The tax reforms deal with two main loopholes in the use of private corporations, passive income and income sprinkling. If an individual incorporates and makes it the top tax bracket, they will be charged the small business tax rate of 15%, […]

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PCP Against Short O-Week

Alexa Grittani - 4A Mechanical

Is a shortened orientation week worth an extra two days of break after Thanksgiving? Orientation is an important start to most students’ university careers. It introduces students to the university and its community. It gives you time to find your way around campus so you’re not getting lost on your way to your first class. […]

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Blade Runner 2049: A Terrific and Faithful, but Inaccessible Sequel

Donovan Maudsley -

I’m going to be honest. I watch a lot of movies, and a lot of them have a similar feel, except for the slow burn. Lots of action, thriller and horror movies have terrific senses of forward momentum, but the tension is lost somewhere along the way. If you’re searching your memory for a good […]

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Home Away From Home: A love Letter to POETS

Katie Arnold - VP Finance

COUCHES ARE COMING TO POETS! We have the money, we’ve worked out the logistics, and the order should be ready to go in the next few weeks. We’re excited to have a little less duct tape in P.O.E.T.S. Salvageable couches that are removed from POETS will be looking for new homes. If your student space […]

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The People Have Spoken: New Prez, Council, and more!

Rachel Malevich - President

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Katie Arnold on being elected the next B-Society President. I’ll be handing over the torch after exams are finished in December after 16 months of being President. Katie’s first on-term as President will be in Spring 2018. For those who weren’t aware, the co-op term prior to an […]

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Expanding Horizons: A National Survey and International Engineering Competition

Daniel Robertson - VP Communication

On the weekend of September 22nd-24th I attended the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students Presidents’ Meeting (CFES PM). At this meeting, there was a lot of great ideas shared, and initiatives discussed. One of the main initiatives discussed was the formation of CIESO (Coalition of International Engineering Student Organizations), and the development of an international […]

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VPA Article 2: October Is A Spooky Month

Andrew McBurney - VP Academic

Hey fam, it’s me again, your friendly neighborhood VPA (ya homeboy Andrew) hitting you with VPA Iron Warrior article numero dos. This article is targeted a bit more towards first-year engineering students, but it could apply to students in any year. Strange Times In October This October is a frightening time. With the 13th falling […]

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Engsoc Student Deals

Stone He - 1A Mechanical

Fellow first-years, get your sticker for some amazing deals at off-campus locations. If you didn’t already know, you get deals as an Engsoc society member. This means if you’re an engineering student, you get some great deals and discounts in a few selected locations in Waterloo. To get these deals, you will need to get […]

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First Year Engineering Leadership Conference

Hasan Ahmed - 2A Nanotechnology

On September 30th, 2017, the University of Waterloo hosted the First Year Engineering Leadership Conference (FYELC). This conference caters to first year students, allowing them to experience what a conference is like and introduce them to other opportunities. The day started early, with check-ins beginning at 8AM. However, first years were eager to show up […]

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Sabrina Huston -

Happy October! In the spirit of the recent Patch Sewing Party that was held in POETS, I thought I’d give some basic instructions on how to sew patches onto your coveralls for when you all get them. Step 1: Pin your patch to your coveralls where you would like it to go, use at least […]

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(Pumpkin)Spice up your life

Gabrielle Klemt - 2B Geological

It’s October and you know what that means: the MIDTERMS are upon us. What could be worse than the start of October? Walking around stressing about the exams you are about to be delivered with the feeling of dread in your stomach is the worst. Well get that gloomy cloud away from your head because […]

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Ra(tan) Lines: Podcasts at High Speed

Ratan Varghese - 2B Electrical

In most forms of media, lots of details are kept out of the control of consumers. Good luck asking art gallery staff to shift the lighting, or playing a video game from the end to the beginning. Podcasts have their share of constraints as well, some imposed by the state of technology and some imposed […]

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Productive Procrastination: How to be a baller (working title)

I'll do that later - 6N Undeclared

In this week’s edition of PnP (DnD’s ugly sister) I’m going to teach you how to make MEATBALLS. Watch out world, a new generation of chefs who accidentally went to school for engineering is coming for you! Because we’re supposed to be studying for midterms, it’s time to learn something you thought you never would: […]

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