Welcome From Your SuperHuges

Superhuge -
Posted on: August 29, 2016

Hello, all you brand new engineering students, and welcome to the University of Waterloo. You are about to plunge into the most insane adventure of your lives as we explore the galaxy in this year’s Engineering Orientation Week!   By now, you’ve hopefully found your way to our website (engorientation.uwaterloo.ca) and learned a little bit […]

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HeadCOM -

HeadCOM 2016: The easy part was getting here, now you’re going to have to prove that you have what it takes to be a Waterloo Engineer. You have a lot to learn, and not a lot of time to learn it, so pay attention, Frosh. We are HeadCOM, and we are in charge. We control […]

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WEEF Is Good

Eric Shi and Jordan Nickel - WEEF Directors

Welcome to all new engineering undergrads, and congratulations on your achievements so far. Over the next few years, you will have the opportunity to contribute to all the reasons that made you choose this school, and the Waterloo Engineering Endowment Foundation (WEEF) is one of the best ways to get started. WEEF was founded by […]

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First-Year Services

Mariko Shimoda - First-Year Commissioner

Hey! Welcome to the Waterloo Engineering family! My name is Mariko Shimoda, and I will be your First Year Commissioner with the Engineering Society this fall. My directors and I are very excited to meet all of you, and bring you some great events! We have been working hard on a few things to help […]

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Waterloo Engineering Competition

Will Wilmot - A-Soc VP External

The Waterloo Engineering Competition (aka WEC) is held each Fall and Spring term. Scheduled over a two day window, four different challenges are available to students. The junior design competition, open to first and second year students, gives teams four hours to work on and complete a previously undisclosed problem. Similarly, the Senior Design Competition […]

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Welcome from the ESSCO VP Communications

Jocelyn Lee - ESSCO VP Communications

Hi first year students! Congratulations on starting your engineering education at the University of Waterloo – one of the 14 universities across Ontario that are a part of The Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario (also known as ESSCO). My name is Jocelyn Lee, and this year I am Vice President Communications of ESSCO. I […]

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EngSoc Events and Outreach

Sarbajoy Majumdar, Sabrina Huston, Chelsea VanderMeer - VP Internal / VP Student Life

Hello and welcome to Waterloo, the best place… for SO MANY reasons! We are Sarbajoy Majumdar, Chelsea VanderMeer, and Sabrina Huston, your VP Internal and Vice Presidents of Student Life for Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and Fall 2017 (respectively). We are here to plan coffeehouses, board game nights, LAN parties, D&D, hackathons, bowling, art nights, […]

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EngSoc External Relations and Communications

Will Wilmot, Melissa Buckley, Dan Robertson - VP External / VP Communcations

Hey there! We are Will Wilmot (A-Society VP External), Melissa Buckley, and Dan Robertson (B-Society VP Communications).  We are responsible for the external marketing and branding of the Society to any external organizations. A large focus that we have is taking care of any logistical responsibilities for attending conferences, which include delegate selection, travel plans, […]

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EngSoc Finances and Operations

Katie Arnold and Abdullah Barakat - VPs Operations and Finance

Welcome to Waterloo Engineering! We are the Vice-Presidents Operations & Finance of the Waterloo Engineering Society, Abdullah Barakat and Katie Arnold! Abdullah, A-Soc’s VPF, will be serving you this fall, and Katie, his B-Soc counterpart, will take office in the Winter. We are in charge of managing the Engineering Society’s funds in ways that can […]

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VPs Academic: We Help You Survive School

Jeff Gulbronson and Andrew McBurney - VPs Academic

Hey there, Class of 2021! We’re Jeff Gulbronson and Andrew McBurney, and we are your Vice-Presidents Academic. Jeff will be on term in the Fall (A-Society), and Andrew on term in the Winter (B-Society). The main part of our job is to ensure you have the necessary resources and environment to succeed academically, both in […]

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Letter From the Incoming Editor: Don’t Panic

Caitlin McLaren - Incoming Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to all first-years! Congratulations; you did it! You made it here! I hope you are all as proud of yourselves as I am of you. Look around campus: this is basically going to be your home for most of the next five years. You’re going to work here, study here, eat here, and yes, […]

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Letter From the Outgoing Editor: Great Expectations

Bryan Mailloux - Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

Welcome, first-years, to the University of Waterloo! First of all, congratulations on getting accepted into Waterloo Engineering! Take a second to look back on your past achievements and feel proud of yourself, because you certainly deserve it. Getting into Waterloo Engineering is not an easy feat, and it’s definitely cause to celebrate. It means that […]

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