SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2014: The Story of Silver

Kristen Sperduti - UW Clean Snowmobile Team
Posted on: March 21, 2014

Late nights, long days, and a rolling start can’t stop the UW Clean Snowmobile Team For one week in March of every year, engineering design teams from universities of all over North America travel to Michigan Tech’s Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) in the northern city of Houghton, Michigan for the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC).  [...]

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Fourth Year Design Projects Showcased in Capstone Design Symposiums

Leah Kristufek - 3A Chemical

It’s that time of year again when fourth year design projects (FYDP) go on display. Each faculty displays their students FYDP’s in a one day symposium where the soon to be graduating students can present their projects to UW staff, fellow students and members of the media.  While not all projects have a functioning prototype [...]

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TEDxUW 2014

Ammar Masud - 4B Nanotechnology Engineering

On March 15, 2014, Waterloo hosted its third TEDxUW event in which Waterloo students and faculty independently organized a licensed TED conference. The similarities between uWaterloo’s motto, “Ideas Start Here,” and TED’s slogan, “Ideas Worth Spreading,” made the choice of taking TED back to its roots an even more appropriate theme which is familiar to [...]

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Jim Flaherty: A Model of Competence Despite Some Flaws

Michael Laanvere - 3B Mechanical

Recently, long-standing finance minister Jim Flaherty announced that he is stepping down from his cabinet position in order to return to the private sector.  Flaherty started in 2006 and has served the Harper administration for eight years, making him one of the longest serving finance ministers. Flaherty has been described as a “steady hand” through [...]

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The Discovery of the Chicken from Hell

Andrew McMahon - 3B Environment

66 million year old fossils excavated from a North Dakota Ranch in 1999 have been classified as a new species of dinosaur.  The dinosaur was identified from the partial remains of three skeletons collected in North and South Dakota, which together make an almost complete skeleton.  The dinosaur has officially been named Anzu wyliei, and [...]

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A Look Back on the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games

Allen Chen - 1B Civil

Often overshadowed by Olympic Games held only weeks prior, the Paralympic Games are not to be overlooked. This year, the Paralympics in Sochi were very interesting to follow. The Games debuted on March 7 and concluded on March 16. Like in the Olympic Games, Canada performed exceptionally, coming third in the gold medal count after [...]

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Women In Engineering

Kate Heymans - 3B Chemical

Most writers would issue a plea to the public at the end of a convincing article but, since this is an engineering student newspaper, I think I might be better off putting my request at the beginning; next time you interact with a person (and all the times after that), give yourself a moment to [...]

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A Deep Rooted Tradition of Mutilation

Christy Rouault - 3B Geological

Every year, millions of women are stripped of fundamental human rights in the name of tradition and purification. According to the World Health Organization, there are over 125 million girls and women alive today who have been subject to female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM can be the partial to complete removal of the clitoris and [...]

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Federal Government Embroiled In Controversy Over Fair Elections Act

Sherwin Kwan - 3B Mechanical

Growing up in Canada, I was taught that democracy was one of our most cherished rights. And why not? There are so many people around the world who only wish they could choose who governed them. The way it works (or at least what they tell us …) is that any citizen, no matter what [...]

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VP Finance:

Kevin McNamara - VP Finance

Hello engineers! The term is winding down, and with that here is my last Iron Warrior article for winter 2014. I hope that you have enjoyed the information found in my articles this term, and have learned something more about EngSoc and its finances. This issue, I want to go over some things that I [...]

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VP Internal: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Annamaria Reda - VP Internal

Hello everyone!!! I can’t believe this is my last Iron Warrior article as your A-Soc VP Internal! It feels like just yesterday that my term began. It’s been a great run, and I want to send out a huge thank you to all the directors and commissioners I’ve had a chance to work with during [...]

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VP External: (Incoming Exec) New Team, New Ideas!

Leila Meema-Coleman - VP External

Why hello there engineering students! It’s me again, Leila, but this time I am very excited to be writing to you as the incoming Engineering Society President! The results are in and I am happy to announce the new team for Fall 2014 of myself as President, Heather Smith (VP External), Kevin McNamara (VP Finance), [...]

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WEEF – End of term farewells

Ben Pratt - WEEF Director

The Winter 2014 term is almost done, a relief for some but the impending doom of final exams lies ahead for others. For those graduating this year, the exams cannot come fast enough. The excitement of graduating after many years of hard work, the prospects of a new career, new city or even a well-deserved [...]

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President – Presidential Farewells

David Birnbaum - President

Hello again, and for the last time, magnificent IW Reader. It is the last IW issue of the term, and my last ever as an EngSoc Executive. I have very much enjoyed my time as VP Finance and then President over the past 32 months, and I hope that most of you have been pleased [...]

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VP Education – Out with the Old, in with the New

Drew Dutton - VP Education

Well A-Society, it’s the last edition of the term! I hope you have all enjoyed the term, and hopefully you’ve managed to keep warm. There is just a short time until classes are done, and the joys of the examination period sink in… I would like to wish you all the best of luck, happy [...]

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Letter from the Editor: Crazy Socks for Down Syndrome, and Goodbye

Spenser Good - Editor-in-Chief

Before I begin on the main topic of this editorial, I want to take some time to thank those who helped me this term, and my thoughts on my own performance. So, firstly thank you to all those who have helped me on the production weekends, particularly at the beginning of the term when I [...]

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The Happiness Addiction

Farmin Zaman - 2T Environmental

What does it mean to be addicted to a feeling? Are we constantly craving the sensation? Or are we convinced that we cannot exist without it? Maybe a bit of both and beyond, I can’t provide a concrete answer unfortunately, but something I can share is the pursuit of my own happiness. We are transfixed [...]

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Take 5 – Movies That Should be Adapted as Onstage Musicals

Nancy Hui - 3T Civil

Generally speaking, musicals tend to be more freely expressive than movies. Musical numbers allow characters to break the fourth wall and confess their feelings to the audience, whereas in a movie, their emotional state is treated more delicately, perhaps through facial close-up shots, or lingering frames of expressive body posture. I must say, I definitely [...]

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Dining on the Grand River: Cambridge Mill

Sabrina Li - Environmental Engineering

After experiencing some crazy weather in the past few months, it’s finally starting to look a little like Spring. It’s still too early for picnics, however there are always opportunities to dine under a scenic setting. If you are willing to splurge and travel a little outside of Waterloo, you’ll be in for a treat [...]

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A Cinematic Spring: Film Picks of April and May 2014

Anjida Srip - 3A Management

Hold on there. We’re almost at the end. I can see the finish line. While we let these last few weeks run their course (and power through them ourselves!), how about a little journey through wonderfully crafted places—quirky, dark, explosive, and unexpected—coming to you soon, via the big screen? The first stop is a step [...]

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Gravitational Waves Point Strongly Towards Big Bang as Reason for Our Existence

Alexander Lee - 2N Nanotechnology

On March 17, 2014, scientists from a collaboration of several universities and organizations announced that they had found evidence supporting the Big Bang theory as the origin of our universe. This evidence was found in gravitational waves dating back to the beginning of the universe itself. The premise of the Big Bang theory relies on [...]

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Waves Detected on Titan’s Hydrocarbon Sea

Cameron Soltys - 1B Mechanical

A group of researchers led by planetary scientist Dr Jason Barnes have announced that they have found evidence of waves on Punga Mare, the third largest lake on Saturn’s moon Titan. Titan is the second largest moon in the solar system, after Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. It is even larger than Mercury, and has an orbit [...]

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The Case Method: The Road to Understanding Your Courses

Lilly Zheng - 4B Electrical Engineering

It’s 3 a.m.; you stare at your computer screen. You stare at the words and equations scattered across your notes, barely registering. You struggle to recall seeing the material in the tutorials, or in the lectures. The exam is in 12 hours and you still have to get through 5 chapters. You’ve barely practiced any [...]

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A Fine Farewell to Nano Fourth Years (mostly)

Lucas Hudson - 3B Mechatronics

I started getting involved in The Iron Warrior in the Fall of 2012. Farzi Yusufali was Editor-in-Chief and I was ignorant to the amount of awesome people I was about to meet over the next 20 months. It was thanks to Farzi that I had the privilege in Spring 2013 to be Editor-in-Chief myself and [...]

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Topz (With a Z): Top Wayz to Write a

Kevin Joseph and Ammar Masud - 4Z Nanotechnology

Dear friends, acquaintances, and people we will soon no longer have to tolerate, we are here today writing the REAL last ever Topz (With a Z) column for The Iron Warrior “newspaper.”  Over the past four years we’ve made you laugh and made you cry, and then in return asked that you pretend to read [...]

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Topz (With a Z): Top Topz from Topz (With a Z)

Edward Blake and Wade Wilson - 4Z Handsomeness

Dear friends, acquaintances, and people we will soon no longer have to tolerate, we are here today writing the last ever Topz (With a Z) column for The Iron Warrior “newspaper,”  Over the past four years we’ve had a lot of fun, and guided you through many difficult situations, scenarios, and tribulations. And so for [...]

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UW Alternative Fuels Team Finds a New Source of Power: Gravity

Agent XXX - Tin Soldier Investigative Bureau

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) have shifted their focus from fuel cells to a new source of energy that is all around us: gravity. “See, if we could utilize gravity, our fuel would be free of carbon impact, low technology, and always available.”, said a team spokesperson who wishes to remain anonymous, [...]

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Iron Warrior Editor-in-Chief is Corrupt. Dubbed “Loose Cannon” by Advisory Board

Special Agent Mike - Tin Soldier Investigative Bureau

After months of investigation, evidence has turned up confirming long standing suspicions that EIC Spenser Good has been abusing the powers of his position. It is no secret that the all-mighty advisory board (the oligarchs of The Iron Warrior) were reluctant to appoint Spenser as their figurehead.  Spenser has been thought of as a sort [...]

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2014 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Vladimir Putin

plznogulag 2D Political Studies -

Yesterday, in a move that surprised no one, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the winner of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. The Committee faced a tough decision, as there were many strong contenders this year, including Ugandan President-for-Life Yoweri Musevini for his crusade against homosexuality, United States President Barack Obama for his tireless efforts in [...]

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Big-Ass Walls Gonna Stop Tornados For Sure

Frank Jaeger - 88 Cherno Alpha

The residents of Tornado Alley in the Midwest United States could be seeing a lot less tornadoes if physicist Rongjia Tao from the University of Philadelphia Freedom has his way. His proposal suggests that the building of three absolutely massive as heck walls would stop air currents from doing the ‘woosh’ thing where they bump [...]

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Why You (Yeah You!) Should Hire Me (Yeah Me!)

Whatever Man - 3B Mans' Man

Only someone desperate would write a 1700 word plug begging for a job , right? Wrong. I am not desperate, I am just picky. At least, that’s what I tell myself, and my friends, and my family…and anybody who is wondering how a highly qualified (for those of you wondering) 3B Mechanical Engineering student entering [...]

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2014 IW Awards

UW Awards Committee -

Welcome to the 2014 IW awards, the most anticipated event of the 2014 engineering season. Here we highlight the key events. In what is probably the most predictable award of the night Kate (2B Nano Chem) received the Editor’s Choice award for the 14th semester in a row, this will be the final time she [...]

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Apps That Will Help You Deal With (or Fail) Finals

Ronauq Sabharwal -

Apps to help you through the Finals Finals are around the corner and having distractions are essential for any studying plan. The following are must have apps that may or may not help with your studying. Disclaimer – I am not responsible for any increase or decrease in marks these apps may cause. 2048 Need [...]

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Saint Patrick’s Day: A First-hand Account

Drunken Frosh (Cameron) -

This article is supposed to be about yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s day festivities. As a diligent reporter, I grabbed my notepad and a pen, and went out to see what’s what. I arrived at noon and got right down to business. Unfortunately, only the first page of my notes is fully legible. I suspect that the [...]

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