Willst Thy Swords Prevail or Ur Las3rs Strt A Nu Wrld Ordr?

Jacob Terry and Santiago Gil - Superhuges
Posted on: August 17, 2014

Hello Frosh, and welcome to Battle of the Ages: Past vs. Future, where great beings from history and from tales yet to be written clash to earn dominion over this year’s Engineering Orientation! By now, you’ve hopefully navigated your way through the Interwebs, been to our website (engorientation.uwaterloo.ca, it’s pretty cool we hear) and learned [...]

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EngSoc: Message from VP Internals

Puneet Natt and Mathieu Tremblay - Vice-Presidents Internal

Hi 2019s! We are Puneet Natt and Mathieu Tremblay and we are your VP Internals of the Engineering Society for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015, respectively. Our job is to plan great events and services for undergraduate engineering students. Though your main reason for being at the University of Waterloo is academia, the Engineering Society [...]

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Directorships and Events: Exchanges

Gurjyot Singh Nanda -

Do you want to feel the pulse of a new country’s culture? Do you want to experience how our education can transcend borders? Do you really want to be a global engineer? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you have met the right people! Hello, I (Gurjyot) and Cassandra will [...]

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Directorships and Events: Charities

Matthew Mulvale -

EngSoc Charities is an initiative by engineering to give back to the community. Charities are nominated and voted on by engineering students to determine what charity will be supported over a calendar year. Come check out all the awesome charity events happening this Fall like Purplepalooza, Pictures with The Tool and Santa, and Change4Change! You [...]

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Directorships and Events: EngPlay

Heather Smith - EngPlay Director

Hey 2019′s, so you may have heard that engineers only do science and math.  FALSE.  We do plays as well! EngPlay is a play that is run once a term.  It is organized, directed, and acted by engineering students, for engineering students.  If acting is your passion, or if you have never acted before but [...]

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Directorships and Events: Tal Eng

Nachiket Sherlekar - TalEng Director

Engineers are a smart bunch of people, but in addition to our problem-solving capabilities, we also have a great pool of talented individuals. Every semester, the Engineering Society organizes TalEng, an event that encourages engineers to show off the skills and talents that they learned while taking a break from academics. It is always a [...]

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What is the Engineering Society?

Leila Meema-Coleman - President 'A'

The University of Waterloo Engineering Society (or EngSoc) is the official representative body for all engineering undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. Headed by a set of executives, it works on your behalf with the Faculty of Engineering, student union, external engineering groups, and many  more. It is their job to make sure that [...]

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Engsoc: Message from the Presidents

Leila Meema-Coleman & Allyson Francis - Presidents

Hello Class of 2019! We are your Engineering Society Presidents: Leila Meema-Coleman (A-Society) and Allyson Francis (B-Society).We are super excited that you are here, and can’t wait to meet all of you! You will be sure to see a lot of us in the coming week and term, and we encourage you all to come [...]

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Engineering Society Services

Leila Meema-Coleman -

The Engineering Society is proud to offer an amazing number of services. Here is just a brief summary so you know how to get around and fully utilize everything that is offered. C&D (Coffee and Doughnut) The Society runs a coffee and doughnut shop, with the lowest prices on campus. Just head over to Carl [...]

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Directorships and Events: Sneak Peak into the EngFair 2014

Kaivalya Gandhi -

Hey Waterloo Engineering Students! Need some help finding jobs? Looking for a chance to network with industry professionals? Seeking full-time employment upon graduation? The Engineering Society will be holding its first-ever Career Fair later this Fall, and you’re invited! We are working hard to get you access to professionals and recruiters from some of the [...]

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Directorships and Events: P**5 Points

Leila Meema-Coleman -

Does the idea of some free cash for your class to spend however you want sounds awesome?? Well the Engineering Society can make it happen. The P**5 competition is a term long spirit competition where the top three classes win cash prizes for their class! P**5, Paul and Paula Plumber Participation points, P to the [...]

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Letter from the Editor: Incoming Editor in Chief

Leah Kristufek - Incoming Editor In Chief

University is like the waiting room, a bit of a holding zone for adulthood. It’s the place where we leave our parents behind and venture out alone. It is not boring like in a doctor’s office. University is more like a series of airport terminal waiting rooms, back when airplanes couldn’t carry enough fuel for [...]

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Welcome to First Year Engineering

Ajoy Opal - Director, First Year Engineering

A warm welcome to all first year engineering students and congratulations on joining one of the finest universities in Canada. Starting university will provide many opportunities for personal and academic growth: to make new friends, to visit new places, to develop critical analysis skills, to gain valuable work experience and to develop a career of [...]

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Programs: Chemical

Will Wilmot - 2B Chemical

Congratulations class of 2019!! Now that you’re here, get ready to learn about distillation, energy balances, process controls and well, I guess a little bit of chemistry mixed in there. Along with first year comes preparing a resume, many hours spent slaving over Excel and TONS OF FUN!!! Once you’re through most of your first [...]

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Colour Groups: Dark Red: Spartans

Jacqueline, Tiffany, Sitesh, Alvin & Michelle - Dark Red Huges

Spartans, are you ready for battle? Sparta is a brotherhood founded upon  of the strong hands of our brothers and sisters. Strong warriors don’t always make the best armies. Great armies are forged on both strength of body, and intellect. Brought back from the Past, the Spartans are here representing the Dark Red team. We [...]

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Programs: Mechatronics

Sami Rahman - 3N Mechatronics

“You’re in mechatronics engineering? Whoa, that sounds awesome, do you make like, Transformers?” That’s how most of your first conversations might go with the friends you’ll meet in first year. Feel free to confidently answer, “Probably.” Congratulations and welcome to one of Waterloo’s standout multidisciplinary engineering programs, also known as Tron. Get ready to carve [...]

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Student Teams: The Iron Warrior

Nina Feng & Leah Kristufek - The Iron Warrior

This newspaper was brought to you by the fantastic group of engineering students who make up the staff of The Iron Warrior, your friendly neighborhood Engineering Newspaper. We strive to educate our peers about campus events, world news, technological advances, social issues, and more! Get published and make your thoughts heard across a wide and [...]

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Programs: Systems Design

Kevin Lau & Class - 2B Systems Design

One of the first things you’ll memorize is the definition of Systems Design Engineering (SYDE), although in reality you’ll spend the next five years defining what it means to you through electives and extracurricular activities. As the most interdisciplinary engineering program, you’ll take courses from other engineering disciplines and unique design courses, culminating in unprecedented [...]

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Programs: Nanotechnology

Meagan Cardno - 2T Nanotechnology

Welcome to the family, newest generation of Nanos! I see you ogling the QNC as you shuffle around campus. I know, I know, it’s beautiful, you lucky ducks. Back in my day, we had to wait fifteen years— uh, wait, maybe that’s a story for another day. You’ll grow to hate every iteration of joke relating [...]

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Directorships and Events: Novelties

Leah Kristufek - Novelties Director

This is the place to find all your Waterloo Engineering Swag! From patches and sweat pants to fancy EngSoc Tie Clips this is the place to buy if you want to show off your school pride! It’s also a great place to get gifts for friends and family members, and just plain useful stuff like [...]

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Program: Biomedical Engineering

Leah Kristufek -

Hello 2019’s, Welcome! You’re the trail blazers in an adventure that will give you the expertise to design and develop biomedical devices and sensors, work on medical imaging, analyze bioinformatics and much more! As you progress through your time here you’ll be able to customize your degree further. It’ll be possible to graduate as a [...]

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Engineer Society First Year Services

Ray Zhao - First Year Commissioner

Hi there, this is Ray who will be going into 2A Civil Engineering in the fall. Looking back to my first year, I can say to myself I have nothing to regret because all the experience and challenges I faced helped me grow to a better individual! I will be your Engineering Society First Year [...]

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