Do Not Drink that Smoothie!

Samridhi Sharma - 3B Chemical
Posted on: March 27, 2019

Why, oh, why in this pretty world do ugly people exist? Why, when the magazines are shut and TV switched off do people seem a little duller, and nothing pleases the eye? Why is my Instagram feed filled with people who look fabulous and why is my own profile barren of any new pictures? Why am I comparing myself to Instagram models?

Recently, I have become very aware of the unattainable standards of beauty around me. I think, this may have to do with the fact that everything is just a click away. With Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites making everything seem so much closer than before, it just seems like the social standards of beauty are way more attainable. But is that necessarily a good thing?

Before I dive into what I really want to talk about, let me clarify a few things. When I was growing up in the early 2000s, I remember watching television with my family. The big clunky box did want me to be as pretty as those women on screen, but the heavy window of glass in between us made me aware of the fact that these aren’t necessarily regular people. They have great resources that create these mirages of perfection. But then the age of social media really took over. We began following celebrities on Twitter and Instagram. People even started to become celebrities from social media sites. This veil of distance just lifted from our eyes as we saw that these people are from among us. If they can be this amazing looking, why can’t we?

This leads us to try really weird things that celebrities endorse to obtain the unattainable standards of beauty that they propagate into society. My favourite Instagram account that I am following right now is @jameelajamilofficial because she makes it a point to comment on celebrities’ posts such as the Jenner family when they try to endorse weight-loss remedies that obviously they themselves do not use.

Finally, I just want to leave you with this. A lot of things are out of your control. Be it genes, your lifestyle (which I know can be changed but can be really hard), eating habits and metabolism. Celebrities have resources to change whatever they think needs to be changed. If not the celebrities themselves, then the people photographing them or videotaping them can easily manipulate how they look. I know it is really tempting to try those drinks that will make you skinny so quickly but those are not healthy, and I promise you, your favourite celebrity is not drinking them.

Give yourself a break from social media, sometimes. For example, when I do spend time on Instagram I look at memes and text posts much more than I look at makeup videos or follow celebrity gossip. You should try that too! It not only makes you less susceptible to celebrity gimmicks, but it also puts a smile on your face!

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