Welcome Back to Campus, Let’s Get Started – The Slumber Ends

Benjamin Beelan -
Posted on: January 23, 2019

Something about co-op makes time fly by and also crawl at the same time. But we’re back, and boy am I excited to get things going. First off, I listened to your feedback from last semester, and mental health initiatives are on the forefront of my mind and plans for this semester. Additionally, I’m going to be advertising my Iron Warrior articles more, as many of you asked for me to hold a blog or similar; to you, the person reading this, advertise this article and the Iron Warrior to your friends!

I’m back on track and trying to get calligraphy on grad photos in time for the 2019’s departure, you can expect to see poll’s on which font we can choose from once we hear back from the photo people™.

And don’t worry, I’m continuing to ask faculty to come to our council meetings as guest speakers so that you can hear first hand what our faculty is working towards. So far, Ajoy Opal (Gordon Stubley’s successor as Associate Dean Teaching) will be visiting council meeting 3 on February 6th, so if you want to learn more about the campus wide course critique changes, make sure you’re there!

So, now that you know what’s to come, what’s different about this semester? First of all, the co-op process is starting a week early this semester because of our classes starting later than they usually do. Main round starts on JANUARY 18TH and applications close on the 22ND! Interviews will start on JANUARY 25TH and go until FEBRUARY 28TH. There are no classes during reading week, so if you’re looking to head home, you don’t have to worry about a surprise interview! (Note: This is at least the case with this semester and might not always apply to reading weeks/Fall Breaks of the future). Main match/ranking is on March 4th! Continuous opens on March 6th!


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