Senate Votes to Revers FCC Order For Net Neutrality – There’s a Second Hope

Hasan Ahmed - 2B Nanotechnology
Posted on: May 23, 2018

Back in December of 2017, it was widespread news when the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) approved in a 3-2 vote to repeal net neutrality. This caused online rage, Ajit Pai hatred, and general uncertainty to where this decision would take the United States of America as a society. People were making 1984 references left and right, due to the freedom that the Republican government could abuse this decision. However, it seems like some hope is still left. On May 16, 2018, the Senate voted 52-47 to disapprove the FCC’s vote and thus have made the first step to restoring the net neutrality that we so deserve.
But again, nothing is certain. Net neutrality is still set to be repealed on June 11 2018. The Congressional Review Act was the reason the Senate was allowed to vote on this issue, which had its paperwork filed on May 9, 2018. So in just a week, we amalgamated hope of saving the right to a free internet.
So what’s next? Abusive misuse of these new rules is still likely to happen, but probably not that quickly and right away. It’s not like Americans will open their internet browser to find they can only visit certain news sites. But the sheer fact that a reality like that is possible shows the necessity of this Senate vote to continue to the House. FCC Commisisioner Jessica Rosenworcel puts it well: “The FCC is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the worng side of the American people. It deserves to have its handiwork revisited, reexamined, and ultimately reversed. I raised my voice to fight for internet freedom. I’ll keep raising a ruckus to support net neutrality and I hope others will too.”
Now that Senate Joint Resolution 52 has allowed Congress to undo recently created rules by federal agencies, it will have to pass in the House and be signed by the president (who we trust dearly, right?) for the old rules to be restored (or automatically if the House votes a two-thirds majority).
At this point though, do we trust the United States House? Well, despite what happens with the vote, midterm elections are coming up. Amidst gun law controversies, Syrian strikes, and this issue, all these questions can be asked towards each candidate, and can really sway the results of the midterm elections. Speaking purely from an anecdotal point of view, a lot of young people are getting more interested in who has control of their lives. And I hope they show up this election. They were the ones calling Congress to try and prevent this repeal from happening in the first place.
So the only thing we can do as Canadians is have some faith in our friends down in the USA.

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