SLC-PAC Expansion Rescheduled

Samridhi Sharma - 3A Chemical Engineering
Posted on: May 19, 2018

A simple walk through the vicinity of the Student Life Centre is proof that construction is not even close to ending on the much awaited and potentially improved SLC-PAC buildings. While the construction was scheduled to end in Fall 2018, the rescheduled end-date has been pushed to late Spring 2019. However, a huge celebration has been promised in lieu of this delay.

A few factors that have known the affect the project include bad weather, soil conditions, unforeseen building conditions, variations in the scope of work and rescheduling to accommodate events according the UWaterloo website. While there has been visible progress in the project, the end just seems to far away and the shutting down of our favourite food places has not been helping.

Brubakers, Subway, Campus Bubble and Wasabi all remain closed throughout the term. The dining area has been boarded off and the Campus Bubble entrance also remains inaccessible. The entrance between Tim Hortons and International News seems to be the only usable one to get into SLC. A narrow pathway from the Great Hall to the staircase still allows the students to access the services housed in the basement of SLC. Albeit not recommended, feel free to go to bed without flossing because Campus Dentist is still open through the construction havoc! So is the Pharmacy, Media.doc, Feds Bookstore, Turnkey Desk, Tim Hortons and International News.

Although not accessible through any inside routes yet, The Bombshelter is still hosting all the usual term events such as Trivia, Bomber Wednesdays and others; drop in for a hearty Warrior breakfast or a nice dinner. The lack of food places has been accommodated by adding more food options available at International News. You may not be able to find the same variety as before, but you can surely find something to your liking if you look hard enough. If you must have a hot meal and nothing at SLC sounds appetizing, take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and walk on over to any other of the UW Foods locations or even the UW Plaza.

While SLC seems to be facing the brunt of all the construction, PAC remains open for all programming including the pool, Warrior Zones, squash courts, the gym, and (you guessed it!) final exams. The (joyous) cries of the student body were reported to be heard in Kitchener as the news of such a unifying experience still being available to them travelled from one student ear to another.

To ease the transition process for students, a protective walkway has been put in place near MC. This is to prepare for the much-awaited link between MC and SLC that will finally make bubble tea on campus more accessible on cold winter days.

Since SLC-PAC expansion is still a while away and more of SLC still seems closed than is open, keep in mind the traveling time when scrounging for food at SLC. Account for a couple extra minutes before making coffee runs to SLC and don’t lose hope. Remember, the cozy and familiar environment of PAC will still be there to comfort you, come exam time.

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