Raspberry Pi Releases New Model 4: Still Unappealing to Lick

Tom the All-Consuming - 2A Technology Connoisseur
Posted on: March 26, 2018

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You think they would’ve gotten it right by now. Regardless of whatever model gets released, I always pick it up and give it a good old seductive tonguing. I’m always taken aback by the prickliness of the GPIO and the metallic HDMI port. The microSD card port is surprisingly tangy, and is good on a winter’s evening. Whipped cream doesn’t even help it taste better, although it does increase the memory of the pi. Sadly I don’t think this company knows its consumers. A lack of palate makes it difficult for the chef to get a good idea of what they can create, and this is shown by the creators of this product. Perhaps in the future I’ll invest in a more umami computer, one that’ll stimulate my tastebuds and be good to bake on Christmas morning.

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