Watch Out For Those Mice

Mariko Shimoda - VP Student Life
Posted on: March 9, 2018

Well hello friends. I did not see you there. Perhaps because I am blind. You know who else was blind? The three blind mice. Mice are common in large cities. As more and more people continue to move to Waterloo and the city continues to flourish, I think we must be aware of the possibility of increased numbers of mice. JK.

Also Emma Swarney and I are cooking free pancakes and the pancakes are purple and we will be there on March 16. It is for National Engineering Month. Yay!

Also I hope you all know I love all of you and I wish the best for everyone. I just want everyone to be happy and feel like they have a friend on campus. So if you’re ever feeling lonely just send me a message or an email or say hi to me or something. We can talk for a bit or get a beer or a coffee and just like idk. I just want everyone to know I am here for you and I care about you.

I really want to help the culture here change, whatever that looks like. I promise as President I’m going to try my hardest to help as many people as I can and create resources you can all actually use and events that you feel comfortable going to. I want everyone to care about each other. I want us to be a loving community, and celebrate each other’s wins rather than being jealous. And help each other when we fall down. I believe in us! I really think we can do it.

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